Laura Weislo

Data Analyist, Content Creative

Location icon United States

Problem solver and communicator with expertise in data analytics, journalism, and biotechnology. A highly motivated self-starter and creative thinker able to keep cool under tight deadlines.

Programming: Python, Javascript, R, Git
Data Visualization: D3, Tableau, Pandas/Matplotlib, Plotly
Data mining: SQL, Machine Learning, NLP
Presentation: HTML, CSS, Content Management, Bootstrap

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Data Visualization

Bracket Buddy Application

March Madness: 68 teams enter a single-elimination tournament with the chance to win 6 games and call themselves a National Champion. Bracket Buddy will help fill your bracket using machine learning to predict the winners.

Visualizing the 2018 Tour de France

Visualizing data from the 2018 Tour de France. Contribute to lweislo/tour-de-awesome- development by creating an account on GitHub.

Dashboard showing bacterial diversity

Visualizing bacterial diversity in belly buttons using D3, Plotly, Javascript, in a dynamic Bootstrap-styled responsive web site, drawing data form a Flask/SQLAlchemy/SQLite back end.

Web scraping, MongoDB

A web application to scrape various bits of data relating to the Mars mission, collected into MongoDB then displayed on a responsive, Bootstrap-styled front end with Flask/PyMongo.

Analysis of weather data by proximity to the equator

This project aimed to show that global temperatures rise nearer to the equator. To test this theory, I created a Python script to visualize the weather of 500+ cities across the world of varying distance from the equator.

News & Interviews

Chad Gerlach: A new lease on love and life

An interview with Chad Gerlach, March 6, 2009 Addicted to crack and living on the streets just over one year ago, American Chad Gerlach is now making his return to the pro peloton in perhaps the most surprising comeback of the year.

Science articles
Five key points of Chris Froome's physiological data |

Although Chris Froome made public the data of his physiological tests in an attempt to silence his critics, the information published in Esquire magazine only served to raise more questions about the missing pieces.Related Articles Cyclingnews spoke to Dr Andrew Coggan, a professor at Washington University School of Medicine and co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, about what the data could tell us about what makes Froome such a dominant rider.

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