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Laura Sukalich


Location icon United States

I'm an experienced, detail-oriented communications professional with a track record of achieving results in corporate, agency and non-profit environments. Contributing to internal and external communication efforts that effectively support business objectives is a passion.

Specialties: Writing/Editing; Technical Writing; Social Media; Project Management; Public Relations; Web Content Development and Management; Client/Community Relations; Event Planning


Technical Writing

Chase Standard Operating Procedure
Ordering Bulk Cash

How to order bulk cash for supplier vaults.

Chase Standard Operating Procedure
Revision History

Revision history tracks changes, approval date and other data for each document.

Chase Standard Operating Procedure
Peer Review

Peer reviews ensure documents adhere to the Style Guide.

Social Media

Twitter posts

Twitter posts promote events and information about Carmel Pharma.

Facebook posts

Facebook posts promote events and information about Carmel Pharma

News Release Writing

Customer Communication

Feature Writing

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