Laura Osterlund

The Clarion
The lonely way back

Having changed after a semester abroad, you find everything else has changed, too. By Laura Osterlund Everything is different. You've changed, but so has everyone else. The difference is that you've changed in distinct ways. Everyone has done a full semester. It seems like they didn't notice you were gone.

The Clarion
I tested positive

By Laura Osterlund My favorite month is May. It brings new beginnings, nice weather, get-togethers and my birthday. This year, however, nothing can start. I can't go enjoy the weather. Social events have been canceled and I won't be able to celebrate my 21st birthday with all of my friends.

The Clarion
This time for Kenya

Bethel students help orphans through non-stop movement

The Clarion
24 hours at Bethel

The Clarion spread out across Bethel's campus April 26 armed with cameras, notebooks and tripods. Here's a multimedia peek of 24 hours at Bethel. By Clarion Staff 12:57 a.m. Dr. Stephen Self, a professor of music at Bethel University, played the organ in his cramped office that overflowed with sheet music he has acquired throughout...

The Clarion
BUILDing towards the future

Program staff evaluate the next steps for graduate students. By Jasmine Johnson and Alicia Dahl Whether receiving a fist bump from Daniel Cline or witnessing the epic dance moves of Kirsta Graf and Olivia Elder, the three-year-old BUILD program has added a new energy to campus.