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San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland's black churches struggle as African Americans leave the city

Oakland's black churches struggle as African Americans leave From the sound flowing from Beth Eden Baptist Church in West Oakland when the congregation and gospel choir join in a joyful crescendo, a passerby could be fooled into thinking the pews inside are packed. Longtime congregants recall the days when people spilled into the aisles.

After CA Legalizes Weed, Local Dealers Brace to Compete

When it comes to doing business, Leaf isn't discrete. The friendly 25-year-old saunters around Dolores Park in San Francisco with a big teddy bear on his shoulder and a ring of plastic marijuana leaves around his neck. You can't miss him. Selling weed is his game, one he won't quit anytime soon.
How hidden heroin addiction is killing Northampton

NORTHAMPTON -- At Cooley Dickinson Hospital, tucked away in a sleepy residential area of the city, about two or three people who have overdosed on heroin come through the emergency room each week. If there's a potent batch of dope in town, that number might jump to two or three in a weekend, said Chris Hopewell, Emergency Medical Services coordinator at the Locust Street hospital.

Oakland North
New restaurant in Oakland an oasis in food desert

An aging bald man waist-high in trash rummages through a dumpster outside Stay Gold Delicatessen. Residents walk by and yell, tell him to stop messing with junk, but he keeps sorting through it as if he can't hear them. Just over a fence covered with black fabric and grapevines, another Oakland exists.

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