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Is This How You Pop?
Let's Stop This Jeffree Star Cycle Once and For All

Every few months, Jeffree Star is trending because he and one of his okay-with-an-open-racist-until-it-doesn't-benefit-me squad members are beefing and want to pull out "receipts" that he is in fact what we've always told you he was: a racist. And we go through the same cycle of events.

Asia 24/7
#MeToo in South Korea: Justice For Jang Ja Yeon Nearly 10 Years In The Making

Trigger Warning: This piece discusses suicide and sexual assault March 7, 2009, Jang Ja Yeon's body was found hanging in her home in Bundang district, Seongnam, Gyeonggi province by her sister who she had called earlier in the day to talk of "overwhelming stress." Jang Ja Yeon's career was picking up after playing high school mean...

Is This How You Pop?
Let's Talk About That Vixen Moment on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Reunion

Last week, the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race had its annual reunion episode where all 14 queens came back together to revisit and hash out everything that went down on the show. From iconic exits to heated arguments, this year's reunion didn't fail to deliver the drama.

The Many Manifestations of Misogyny in Hallyu

Note: the following contains description and discussion of sexual assault. How many times have we seen women suffer under society's sexist double standard, destroyed over something that men experience little backlash for? And how many times have we seen this happen in the Korean entertainment industry, where men effectively get away with crime, while women are heavily scrutinised over every little detail?

DramaFever News
6 K-Dramas To Satisfy Your Inner Romantic

Whether it be a romantic comedy, historical or action, K-Dramas ALWAYS have a love line, and that makes them the perfect thing for a romantic! But, which ones are guaranteed to speak to heart? Here are 6 drama that go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to satisfying your inner romantic.

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