Larry Felton Johnson

Freelance journalist

I'm a freelance writer living in Atlanta, GA, and I'm currently pursuing a late life degree in journalism from Georgia State University. I retired after 20 years as a software systems engineer.

I've published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Porch Press, and for 15 years ran a popular blog focused on Atlanta's neighhorhoods, at

I write about environmental issues, Atlanta and Georgia history, local politics, and technology.
I can be reached at [email protected], or 404-664-2034

United States of America


Featured Writing Samples of the Week


Bids underway for design of sidewalks and multi-use trail on Mableton Parkway

On August 14th the Cobb County Department of Transportation opened "non-cost technical proposals for Engineering Consulting Services" for the design of planned pedestrian...

The Brookhaven Post

VIDEO: Candidates agree on some points, contrast on others during House District 80 Debate

Brookhaven, GA, October 19, 2016 - by Larry Felton Johnson for The Post - The candidates for Georgia House District 80, incumbent Democratic Representative Taylor Bennett and...


The Bagby brothers - elusive bandits of the Chattahoochee

The man sat in the tree by the banks of the river, waiting patiently. He was thin, with wiry arms, well suited to climbing. He was comfortable in the tree, and as long as he...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Diversity of eastern Atlanta serves as a model for region

Op-ed piece I wrote after the 2000 census figures were released

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

U.S. must recognize everyone's right to healthcare

Op-ed piece for the AJC about health care reform

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Conversation Starter

Short piece about the removal of the Rich's lighting of the tree ceremony from downtown



Has anyone developed a video game as elegant as Go?

by Larry Johnson I'm old. I'm so old I feel like I should insert an "I'm so old ..." joke here. You know the kind. "I'm so old Millard Fillmore was my paperboy." If you don't...

Blog Talk Radio


Interview with Donald Knuth

Interview with Donald Knuth, a pioneer of Computer Science.


Interview with Barbara Joye

An interview with Barbara Joye, who co-founded the community radio station WRFG in Atlanta.

Porch Press

The Porch Press

Free Tours of Historic Sylvester Cemetery in March

By Larry Felton Johnson Short article about tours at Sylvester Cemetery

The Porch Press

Autumn Tour of Sylvester Cemetery

Short article about a tour of Historic Sylvester Cemetery in East Atlanta

Atlanta Larry blog

Atlanta Larry blog

Gallons of Peppermint Tea

This blog post describes my attempt to keep the invasive peppermint in my garden under control, one jar of tea at a time.

Atlanta Larry

Demolition of John B. Gordon Elementary School

A blog post and photo album about the recent demolition of a historic elementary school in East Atlanta

Atlanta Larry

Melted pavement, Miss Boo, and granite monkey pens -- growing up in Atlanta in the 1950s

This article is a few fragmentary observations about growing up in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta in the 1950s