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Kevin Warstadt

Freelance Writer

I'm a Georgia native with degrees from Georgia Tech and Dartmouth College. I write short fiction for print and screen.



Jippensha Ikku and the Hizakurige

I have written a post already on one comic within Dartmouth's digital collections. When confronted with the task of writing another post, one of the most difficult tasks, of course, is deciding what to write about. It has been said (by me) that inspiration is the writer's currency.

Screening materials
Cartel Land notes

Notes to be presented at the screening of Cartel Land at Dartmouth College

The Enigmatic Ferdinand Flipper

Within Dartmouth College's Library Digital Collections is a piece listed as the first comic book written in the U.S.,The Fortunes of Ferdinand Flipper . An interesting piece, quite funny, and a nice look into the past. I sat down to write a short blog post about the piece and compare it to other similar pieces within the library digital collections.