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Kumkum Chandak

Content Writer | Digital Marketer

Location icon India

Although it is believed that a writer writes, but I communicate.
It's been years since I am contributing to the digital industry with my concrete knowledge and creative aptitude. Whether it is AP style, blogging, Ad copies or whitepapers; I combine my hard-earned vocabulary and instinctive values to make my writings smudge proof and everlasting.

Youth Ki Awaaz
Are -isms getting fatal? | Youth Ki Awaaz

TV Screen headlines - "A 40 years old man got raped" Newspaper reads - "A man filed a case against domestic violence" Social Media feed - "A man was sexually harassed at workplace" Read it again.

Startup Urban
refundme.in - The Reformation of Aviation

The world's third largest civil aviation market is expected to surpass the UK to become the third largest air passenger market by 2024 claims, IATA forecast.

Responsible Corporate
Corporate and Media Reports

We provide our readers with the latest and most important developments in the CSR world. The news we cover relates to what major and small corporations are doing to give it back to the society and at the same time, we provide all the trendy news for you so you will never get late to know what is happening in your country.

"Should Have Happened Much Earlier" - Look How this Startup is Helping Air Passengers

"People suffer and get nothing in return has always been my concern. Millions of air passengers are entitled to get compensation for flight delays, cancellations, and overbooking every year. Because, they are unaware of their rights; the government drafted policies and airlines make it even more difficult to get their money, less than 1% actually receive their flight compensation and almost more than 1 billion Indian currencies were unpaid last year."

Indian Legal Solution
Changing the Landscape of Boutique Law Firms - Indian Legal Solution

Changing the Landscape of Boutique Law Firms. Author: Ms. kumkum chandak "If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers." - Charles Dickens In India, the sign of a Good Lawyer has always been white hair, old age and a hunched back with the perception of the mighty weight of experience and ...

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Kumkum Chandak | Blogs

GUD provides authentic information about the upcoming technology, business innovations, SEO and Digital Marketing strategies to empower true readers.

Aadvik Foods

Lately, Aadvik foods paid a visit to the Jaipur Literature Festival, Rajasthan, India. Where it witnessed the sight of intellectuals, the taste of cultures, and the smell of native roots. More than a festival, it was truly a celebration - the celebration of ideas, culture, and sanity.

Jaipur Beat
Justified Jaipur- A Poetry

I stepped onto a familiar land, Pink walls and golden sand. I carried hopes and desire, That left me something to admire. Though, I had travelled to this place before, But, this time it was something more. This time I explored the place, That time I was followed by the race.

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