Kimberly Thomson

Welcome to my portfolio. I've included ghostwritten articles as well as byline articles that span a number of topics, from legacy planning to men's lifestyle. The reason I'm using such an array of samples is to highlight my ability to write in a range of tones and styles. Thanks for reading.

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The Most Engaging Way to Communicate

I didn't know Gordon Elser when he was a boy. I met him when he was the 30-something father of one of my best friends. But I can see a 10-year-old version of Gordo, as we called him, standing in the middle of his parents' living room...with a horse. His horse.

TEDx Pasadena Women Event
TEDx Pasadena Women Spirit Cards

In keeping with the TED tradition of spreading and sharing ideas, I created a giveaway that underscored the event theme of momentum.

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Tools of Engagement: Social Rules Reach

Until now, I have kept a well-guarded secret: I am the daughter of a veritable math genius. Much to my mother's shock and horror (I'm sure), the pursuit of mathematics was never, ever, my cup of tea. Want to wax on about polynomial and complex functions? Count. Me. Out.

What To Know Before You Dye Your Hair

Sure, dying your hair can make you look younger. But doing it wrong can make you look like like a non-gracefully aging idiot with orange hair.

Travel Advisors of Los Gatos' periodical
Italy: From the Mountains to the Ocean

A fantasy of Italy is easy to conjure up. With geographic features ranging from urbane to rugged and rustic, Italy's landscape offers plenty of picturesque scenery.

Oakland Brings the Heat

For a team that didn't have a postseason prayer at the start of the season, July must seem like a mirage.

Clarity from Chaos with Michael Babikian
Give the Gift of...Money

You've heard the idiom that the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes. When the two intersect, there can be hell to pay. Maybe not hell but certainly the IRS. On a federal level, most people are protected by the estate tax exemption ($5.43 million in 2015) and don't owe any of these transfer taxes when they die.

5 Hair Loss Supplements For Balding Men

If you’re one of the 35 million guys experiencing hair loss, ditch the combover and instead check out some of the best hair-loss supplements for balding men.

Clarity from Chaos with Michael Babikian
Shield Your Personal Information

In the face of the recent cyberattack on the U.S. government, it’s natural to examine our own vulnerabilities to cybercrime. China has proven that our personal information isn’t secure even at a national level, a level once thought to be impenetrable.

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