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Trump Psychopathy & Success

If you have to refer to The Godfather as well as a Handbook on Psychiatry in order to understand 2017, there is clearly more to geopolitics than usual ...

Hitler's Favourite Film

Was it the derring-do and racial violence? Or was it the impression it left on him, that a mere handful of brave and efficient functionaries could dominate millions upon millions of presumably sub-human Asiatics?

The Life & Opinions of Mr Crow
The Denial of Lying

In his typically paradoxical way, Oscar Wilde once protested 'The Decay of Lying' in a dialogue of the same name. How much more would he do so today, when machines are readily available to the authorities to spot the mendacious amongst us. In the early 21st century, we have moved far beyond the lie-detectors of...

The Life & Opinions of Mr Crow
Why Prisoners Should Get The Vote

Apparently, prison is meant to punish. In its simplest form that punishment (in the UK at least) is meant to consist of the deprivation of liberty - nothing more, nothing less. There are of course other forms of punishment available - beatings, bad conditions, execution etc.

Review - Bill Clinton: An American Journey, by Nigel Hamilton

A lively (and curiously repetitious) narrative,Nigel Hamilton's fascinating book places Bill Clinton firmly in the context of post-war America; specifically the social and cultural tensions that grew out of the civil rights movement, sexual emancipation, Vietnam, Nixon and the Reaganite moral majority.

The Life & Opinions of Mr Crow
My Crusade - No More Crusades!

Stuffiness, and certainly not when it comes to literality, is a fault I don't share with those grammarians whose infinitives may never be split. But careless talk costs lives, and to be well spoken is more than a matter of phoney phonics; what we say, is what we get, and taking into account the parameters...

Unnatural Philosophy?

Quantum Physics - despite its counter-intuitive nature and probabilistic approach to truth - has been remarkably successful in making predictions and explaining the universe. Or so scientists say ... Thank goodness today's natural philosophers have their fancy tools to hand, when it comes to proving their theories and letting us know just what's what.

Review: Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President, by Robert Dallek

Frankly, this is less a review of the book than of the man, but Dallek's work deserves at least the acknowledgement that it is only through his scholarly endeavours that I know anything at all about Johnson, other than the refrain "Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?!"

The Big Bang, Consciousness and God

I am no physicist, and even have trouble adding up my grocery bill, so much of what I have read and understood about the emerging physics of consciousness has had to be taken on trust. Moreover I am not really qualified to explain the various theories about what consciousness is on a level that would convince a scientist.


George Orwell taught that slipshod language meant equally shoddy thinking. In the case of cliche, he thought it entailed no thought whatsoever. These essays examine how language is used and misused, and the resultant absurdities. Why oh why must these so-called literary critics stick their noses in where it isn't wanted?

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