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Alberta: A Look at the Modern-Day Beef Industry

"Much of the press about Alberta, especially among the environmentally conscious, relates to the tar sands and heavy industry pollution of natural resources. Alberta is the pariah of the Copenhagen activists who demonize Canada for not taking more action on climate change. However, the only evidence I saw of the oil industry was a drive past the refineries at the edge of Edmonton (and lower gas prices than in B.C.). Of course, Alberta is no less one-dimensional than anywhere else. Another...

The Martlet
Scientists Develop Tool to Aid Partnerships with Local Decision-Makers

"Published by the Science-to-Action partnership (S2A), the guidebook provides practical tips for both scientists and decision-makers. The S2A project is a collaboration between 17 authors, both scientists and decision-makers, which took place over about five years. Karrer says the resulting guidebook is a “roadmap” for using science to inform decision-making."

The Martlet
Scientist of the Week: Research Assistant Keeps Eye on Ocean Pollution

"Serra-Sogas works in the Geography Department’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS) lab researching marine oil pollution for Transport Canada. She does research on the locations of small oil spills (up to 1 500 litres) in the Canadian portions of three oceans: the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic."