Khalid Shakran

User Experience Researcher

Location icon United States

As an experienced researcher, Khalid is interested in the ever-changing dynamics of product development and urban development. Khalid has worked as a UX Researcher at a well-known tech company, as a Lead Researcher an informal settlement redesign project internationally and as a researcher at American University working on a project titled Mapping Middle East and North Africa Urbanism.

Khalid also has extensive experience employing various research methodologies to pose challenging questions regarding product design. His research specializations include: qualitative and quantitative research, ethnographic research methodologies, participatory action research, survey design, usability research, user research. Khalid has employed these methodologies through his extensive field work internationally in North Africa and his US-based research projects/assignments.


Usability Testing: Coursera

MENA Urbanism Project

Mapping Dispossession in Turkey - Tadamun

Turkey's Urban Renewal Projects Networks of power and capital behind large-scale urban projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) largely remain out the purview of the public. The state holds data about urban development projects and often does not make this data publicly accessible.

The Fight For Dalieh al-Raouche - Tadamun

Dalieh, a landmark that extends south of the iconic Sakhret al-Raouche (Pigeon Rocks) on Beirut's shoreline, served as one of the most vibrant accessible areas used by the city's working class communities (Saksouk-Sasso, 2015; Legal Agenda, 2016; Dictaphone Group, n.d.). For decades, Beirut residents claimed Dalieh as an informal space for different economic and social ...

Informal Settlements Redesign Project

The Uneven City: Planning Insurgencies in Ramlet Bulaq and Maspero Triangle

Author(s): Shakran, Khalid | Advisor(s): Nicholls, Walter | Abstract: Cairo, Egypt holds 4 of the 30 largest "mega-slums" in the world with nearly 60 percent of Cairo's population inhabiting informal settlements (Davis, 2007; Khalifa, 2013). Two of these settlements, Ramlet Bulaq and the Maspero Triangle in West Cairo, consistently experience evictions inflicted by state and private developers since the mid-2000s.

Neighborhood and Environmental Assessments

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