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Krystal Sierra

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What Also Matters? The Voices of Women of Color. - River Teeth Journal

The Crunk Feminist Collection is a much-needed anthology of short essays written by black women and women of color. Its narratives center on race, gender, pop culture and current events. The collection blends writers who specialize in personal anecdote with razor-sharp critique and who employ a conversational tone as complex issues are carefully dissected and taken to task.

Virginia Lit Mag is the Girthy Love Child of Harper's and Granta

Virginia Quarterly Review publishes some of the best work available in print today. The topics in VQR 's current issue (Fall 2014, 90/4) range from the past, present and future of 3-D printing ("If You Print It, They Will Come," Jack Hitt) to the rise, fall and importance of North Carolina's Racial Justice Act ("Bias in the Box," Dax-Devlon Ross).

Belt Magazine | Dispatches From The Rust Belt
Boy Shot - Belt Magazine | Dispatches From The Rust Belt

By Krystal Sierra For me, the details surfaced Sunday morning, over coffee, nearly eighteen hours after it happened: Twelve-year-old boy Tamir Rice shot dead by a Cleveland police officer at Cudell Recreation Center Saturday, November 22, 2014, at 3:30 in the afternoon. Saturday. 3:30. Cudell Rec.