Kristen Lazarte

Level 1 Writer

Location icon Singapore

Currently on my quest for exploration & adventure (oh yeah, the typical millennial)
and always thirsty for something exciting and fun;
you can find me learning something new every month.

I like games, and writing, and quite a lot of other things.
I hope to level up in my writing skills,
so pretty please give me a chance?
I promise to give you my 100%.



All the right moves at Cirque Eloize iD

Reasons why you need to buy tickets to this invigorating show. With its loud music, vibrant costumes and set, and impressive break-dances, Cirque Eloize iD is a show you need to watch, even if you're not into break-dancing and hip hop.

An honest, first-hand experience at an SGfuture dialogue session

Our two writers share their unabashedly honest thoughts on their respective sessions. You may have heard (or not) about the SGfuture dialogue sessions that were organised over the past few months. The sessions, each covering different topics across numerous sectors of society, bring together community groups and corporate partners to generate ideas to improve our nation.

Lifestyle & Opinions

Inside a flaky person's head

Flakier than a freshly-baked croissant. Flaky people are often the worst. You could give me a medal for being the world's flakiest person, and there's still an 80 per cent chance I might not turn up for my own honouring ceremony.

Short Stories & Resume

The sky's not the limit
That escalated quickly

Once upon a time, there was a writer who wanted, so badly, to write.

The sky's not the limit
It came again

There. She heard it again. It wasn't in her head, it wasn't just a figment of her imagination.

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