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A thriving community needs the arts, and the arts need insightful, accessible discourse.

Theater Scoop
Real talk

Caitlin McCarty's dance group Collateral & Co. takes on the big issues.

Double Scoop
For the record

Jaxon Northon aims to portray the people of our time, as honestly as possible

Double Scoop
Linear thinking

Galen Brown’s fodder is the stuff of ordinary life. His drawings are positively transcendent.

Double Scoop
Who is Leonor Fini?

If you like powerful women, dark-leaning erotica, or (no kidding) cats, this free-spirited 20th-century painter might be your kindred spirit

Sierra Nevada Ally
Meet Emily Skyle-Golden

The Reno screenwriter/director is about to make her biggest film to date

Double Scoop
Long-term view

The new Melhop Gallery °7077 in Zephyr Cove will show a few artists’ work as they progress over the years

Double Scoop
Well played

It's like a postcard to a fellow Gen Xer from the post-postmodern irony that flowed through my veins in lieu of blood for most of the 90s.

The Sierra Nevada Ally
Decolonizing local theater

As cultural groups nationwide are called on to be more inclusive and diverse, Reno theaters try to raise their own bar

Double Scoop
Food porn

When Eunkang Koh paints food, she packs in all the anxiety and all the seduction

Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, UNLV
Mikayla Whitmore: Between a Rock and a Cliff

Las Vegas artist Mikayla Whitmore creates a world with a solid core of everyday anxiety and a durable surface of delicious, sugary coating.

Double Scoop
Paint this town

Street art worldwide has come to incorporate ideas about community and inclusion. The Elko Mural Expo has its finger on the pulse of that trend.

Reno News & Review
In clear view

Great Basin Native Artists move from obscurity to recognition

Double Scoop
PODCAST: Behind the Scoop

Kris talks to Nesta. Nesta talks to Kris. This podcast is rated J for journalism nerds.

Reno News & Review
In the spotlight

Two Northern Nevadans were nationally recognized for their work on LGBTQ rights

Reno News & Review
Lay of the land

Artist and activist Jack Malotte has taken a close, honest look at Nevada

Reno News & Review
Art Careers

A Reno artist helps an Amazon village build an economy

Capital City Arts Initiative
Impermanent Markers

Photographer Frances Melhop and sculptor Mark Combs traveled different paths to the territory of human temporality

Double Scoop
Space Race

Orbital Reflector meets some hurdles. The NMA celebrates. Trevor Paglen talks shop.

Reno News & Review
Past encounters

If these walls could talk—Untold stories from Reno LGBTQ bars

Reno News & Review
Walled in

After a long career of tough decisions, a prison doctor tells her story

Reno News & Review
Magic moment

Does ‘Seven Magic Mountains’ live up to the hype? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

Reno News & Review
School spirit

The Stewart Indian School is poised to rewrite some long-overlooked parts of local history

Reno News & Review
Bright ideas

As downtown motels are razed, the Nevada Neon Project’s preservation efforts continue

Reno News & Review
Alter egos

How Todd Snider got around the "radius clause"

Reno News & Review

Bay Area artist Enrique Chagoya imagines a New World never conquered by Europeans

Reno News & Review
Desert solitaire

Willy Vlautin—former Renoite, novelist and founder of the band Richmond Fontaine—is coming home for a visit

Reno News & Review
Arch madness

Reno has had a 90-year love/hate affair with its arch

Reno News & Review
What's transpiring?

Wonder what’s going on with the seemingly sudden surge of transgender teens? We asked them.

Ceramics Monthly
Staying Power

Two college grads in Reno took a risk and opened a community clay studio.