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Business Life

The Best Medicine

We chat to local doctors-come-musicians about music away from a high-pressure job and find out whether music really is the best medicine.

Business Life

Girl Unhampered

Passion and collaboration is at the heart of this growing business, which is putting Geelong’s artisan food producers on the national stage.

Business Life

Joy Ride

The Murrell family still draws on the past to build a future-proof business that has respect and loyalty at its heart.

Business Life magazine

Speak Easy

Geelong Business Club guest speaker and Austins & Co. director, Scott Austin, shows wine sense and sociability.

Business Life

Community Bonds

The Bendigo Bank and its corporate partners have gifted over $700,000 to not-for-profit organisations in Geelong. Geelong Connected Community’s, Pat Murnane, shares their vision.

Business Life

Riding the Wave

In 1969, the ripples of a surf industry appeared. Terry ‘Speaky’ Lyons was there at its inception and, as the industry exploded, went along for the ride.

Business Life

New Path

What stops businesses from giving vulnerable young kids a go? Is it past experience or preconceived prejudices?

Business Life

Recycling's Best Mates

While building a business converting waste to energy, fashionista turned wood-recycler Carolyn Probert discovered a surprising spin-off brand that’s wowing the equine world.

Business Life

Queen Bee

A teenager in the 70s unsatisfied with waxing products of the day, Geelong's Lilliane Caron cooked up a new wax. Today she's leading Australia's beauty industry.

Business Life

Food For Thought

One local firm finds the right ingredients to promote a healthy workplace.

Business Life

The Other Side of Sarah

From blindly shrugging off the 'old boys club' to door-knocking her electorate, Sarah Henderson has never been afraid to pursue what feels right.

Business Life

Young Guns

They could choose to be anywhere in the world, yet these young guns keep their feet firmly planted on Geelong terra firma.

Business Life magazine

Break on Through

Stepping down as the first female president of the Geelong Business Club in its 55-year history, Bernadette Uzelac reflects on life, dreams and glass ceilings.

Business Life magazine

Glowing Prospect

Local farmers expect a bumper crop this year as canola enters the golden age.

Business Life

Modern Principals

Modern learning for students from modern families is producing flexible and social thinkers.

Business Life magazine

A Fine Example

Reverend Tim Costello brings wisdom, inspiration and philanthropy to the Geelong Business Club. By Kristie Hayden.



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