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Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Total Recall

Children’s fleeting attention span is the bane of many parents’ lives. Kristie Hayden discovers a brain-training boot-camp to boost children’s memory and empower them with the...

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Modern League

As the RSL celebrates its hundredth anniversary, Kristie Hayden discovers the importance of its services and why we as a community have an obligation to support it.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living magazine

Home's Cool

Home education is a modern, high-tech and viable alternative to conventional school and, as Kristie Hayden discovers, its popularity is on the rise.

In Noosa Magazine

Ocean Therapy

From our innate connection with Mother Nature to the healing rhythm of waves, Kristie Hayden discovers the mental health benefits of life by the sea.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living magazine

Chasing Tales

Kristie Hayden chats to local children's author Michael Panckridge about encouraging reluctant readers.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living magazine

Play-osophy Pays Off

Mud pies, climbing trees and chilling in the zen den. Kristie Hayden sees it's all in a day's work for the littlies at Play CC&K.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Water Off A Duck's Back

Kristie Hayden talks to Truffleduck's much loved catering gurus, Hugh and Deb, about throwing parties, weathering storms and life before Pinterest.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

The Au Pair Collective

More than ever, parents in our region are turning to au pairs to solve their childcare needs. And, as Kristie Hayden discovers, it can be a win-win situation for parents and...

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

A Special Gift

Kristie Hayden meets two local families who are honouring their lost children by finding the strength to save others.

In Noosa Magazine

Wired To Wander

Kristie Hayden talks to cognitive expert, Dr Muireann Irish, about our wandering minds, dementia and encouraging our kids to daydream.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Just Dance

Kristie Hayden meets some of our region's talented young ballerinas and discovers their dreams for dancing classical ballet at its most elite level.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Making A Connection

Kristie Hayden takes a tour of Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Geelong and discovers the power of story-telling in a beautiful and complex culture.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Grand Designs

One local real estate company is setting new expectations for service and transparency in the industry.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Family Reign

From the dusty streets of 1920's Ballarat to today's thriving multi-office network, there hasn't been a day in the past 86 years that a person named 'Hayden' wasn't selling...

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Moving On Up

From day-care dribbler to the pinnacle of primary school, childhood is dashing by. Now, on the eve of high school, is your baby ready to take flight?


Checkmate - the World Champion Sailor at 13 - Sportette

When 11-year-old Sophie Alexander realised older-brother Thomas's devastation, she couldn't sit idle.

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine

Sporting Ambition

Channel 7 Melbourne's weekend sports presenter Sean Sowerby talks to Kristie Hayden about his passion for sports, getting his break and raising his son on the Bellarine Peninsula.


Business Life magazine

Quality Control

Meet the specialty producers in the business of being boutique and staying in command.

Business Life magazine

Team Player

As incoming president of the Geelong Business Club, GForce CEO Rob Birch lends a new brand of community spirit to the city's oldest business association.