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I've been working in automotive publishing since 2002, and I've been a freelance journalist since 2006. My mission is to find reliable, interesting sources for my stories and then present solid reporting without boring the reader out of her ever-loving mind. I've succeeded so far.


New Tesla Model S P85D Has An "Insane Mode"
I hopped into the back seat of the new Tesla Model S P85D as it was headed out onto the track at Portland International Raceway. Eric Peterson, our driver and the founder of...
2015 Detroit Auto Show: Honda FCV Concept Offers More Power, More Space
Fuel cell technology is a slow sell, but companies are still climbing on the bandwagon. Honda has been in the game for a while, with its newly retired FCX Clarity fuel cell...
2015 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Sync 3 System Wants Your Trust
Ford's latest communications and entertainment system, Sync 3, is on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and it has a new interface, faster...
Subaru Drive Performance Magazine : Performance Profile: Leave it to Beavis (dp11.3)
Meet Chrissie Beavis, Travis Pastrana's new co-driver - driving for Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) in the Rally America National Championship.
Owners Who Are Happy When the Engine Doesn't Start
It started at the 2014 Portland Auto Show in Oregon with Dave Barthmuss of General Motors' West Coast communications office mentioning offhandedly, yet with definite pride, that...
What women want - in a car
High-Tech Safety: New luxury cars offer high-tech peace of mind
Audi A7 panel
The 8 Luxury Cars You Should Rent
How to Steer Out of a Skid
TV Star Puts Arcimoto Electric Vehicle in the Spotlight
Squee! Nathan Fillion!
2012 Jeep Wrangler Review
Wheelspin - Drag Racing - Electric Cars -
Portland, Ore. MICHAEL KADIE pressed the accelerator of his electric-powered Cobra replica and took off down the quarter-mile at Portland International Raceway, pulling away...
Oregon EVs on a Slow Charge


Alternative Fueliverse: A Beginner's Guide to Green Cars (Take the Wheel)
Take the Wheel

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Community Support: Indigo's Vinnie Kinsella Talks about His Own Publishing Project
by Kristen Hall-Geisler, Indigo collaborative editor and writing coach, freelance journalist Many of the readers of Indigo's monthly newsletter (as well as the author of this...
Timbers Debut Gets the Money Flowing
Watch Your Language - Even If It's Blue
Last year I wrote and independently published a book, my first to see the light of day and sit on bookshelves real and virtual. It is calledTake the Wheel: A Woman's Guide to...

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