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12 Alternate Ways to Get Your Steps In | Walkingspree

1. Participate in a charity walk or fundraiser. You'll benefit your own health while helping to benefit someone else, a community goal or other worthy cause. Numerous websites...


Plan a Summer Walking Vacation (or Staycation) | Walkingspree

Planning your summer vacation (or staycation)? How about making it a walking vacation?! Guided walking tours run the gambit, from architecture to history to shopping to haunted...


Instant Benefits of Exercise: 3 Things a Walking Program Can Do for You NOW | Walkingspree

We hate to wait in line. We get impatient if a website takes longer than two seconds to load. In some cities, they have what's known as a "honk-o-second." That's the teeny...


Health and Exercise Benefits of Pokemon Go | Walkingspree

All over the country, people are suddenly exercising, going for walks, hikes and (gasp!) breaking out into a sweat. All of this, in search of Pokemon. For those who are not...


Pokemon Go Safety Tips | Walkingspree

The Pokémon Go craze doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Reports of people being robbed, falling off of cliffs and tales of landing in the ER while playing...


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The "Secret Something" to Successfully Working at Home

Amazon Facebook Networking and Lead Generation: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and...

Noticing that many of my colleagues were inadvertently presenting themselves as inept and unprofessional, on various social networks, it was time to help. They had no idea that...

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