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Paper Runway
Much Love Monday | Annie Vought

Sometimes I come across a piece of art that makes me gasp in wonder. I stare at it intently (head cocked to the side) and I wonder how long it took to make. It's so intricate! So amazing! I'm amazed that anyone has the patience to complete it.


Coping with Jane
When will I know if motherhood is for me?

I love Margaret Cho. I have a piece that she wrote after the singer-songwriter Elliott Smith passed, ten years ago, printed out and tucked in my journal. "What is heaven like Elliott Smith?" she asked in the opening line. God, I love that line. It makes me cry.

Hip babies: coping with developmental dysplasia of the hip

Baby Health Violet Macarthur was only 30 seconds old when she was diagnosed with bilateral developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Her mother Amanda knew the diagnosis was likely, as her five-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with the same thing. But she hoped her newborn daughter would escape the restrictive brace, painful ultrasound sessions and bi-weekly specialist appointments.

Essential Kids
Mother's Day fun freebies

Can you believe that it's Mother's Day this Sunday? If you've left your Mother's Day gift or card buying till the last minute, we have ten fabulous free ideas for things to make that will show Mum how much she is loved.

House Nerd
Art for All

Think art is expensive and a little hoity-toity? Banish those thoughts! There are amazing artists out there who are creating works of genius for under $103 (I know, a very specific dollar amount, but bear with me). Say no to naked walls - invest in some inexpensive and awesome art.

The Interiors Addict
The best of the best paper light fixtures

I love paper - it has so many uses. Books are made from paper, as are magazines and junk mail. We are surrounded by paper used in all sorts of ways - except most of those are kind of uninspiring.

Rentwest Solutions
Rentwest Solutions Newsletter Archives

I've been lucky enough to work with a local Property Management company since 2010. Over that time I have written hundreds of articles about the property management industry for both investment property owners and tenants. This is just a sample.

Fuse, Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts, September 1

I have to be honest: when it comes to the world of contemporary dance, I'm relatively inexperienced. I've seen a few performances but I'm by no means an expert, so I really wasn't sure how I'd fare seeing Fuse. Turns out I needn't have worried.

Pretty Paper Things
Hello autumn!

It's officially autumn down under! Even though we have a few hot days here and there, the temperatures are starting to cool down. It's getting darker earlier and getting light later and before you know it - at the blink of an eye - we'll be cranking up the heater and adding an extra doona to the bed.

Every good bar cart should have...

Following on from Monday's post about lovely little bar carts I've put together my list of bar cart essentials. I think the most important thing is to pick a style that you like (I chose a sleek, modern style) and build your cart around that. Have fun! 1.

Offline Features

Bespoke Zine
Aunty Sue's Painting

One of the things that I cherish is a painting given to me by my Aunt. Here's why...

Dogs Life
Paging Dr Google

There is a wealth of health information available to dog owners on the internet, but as Krissy Bradfield discovers, consulting Dr Google is often more harmful than helpful.

Dogs Life
Nothing more than feelings

Whether dogs experience the same emotions as himans is a controversial issue. Krissy Bradfield investigates whether our canine companions really do feel what we feel.

Dogs Life
When to seek a second opinion

Should you always follow the advice of your regular vet? Krissy Bradfield investigates when a second opinion can be a lifesaver.

Dogs Life
Ticket to Ride

If you have a pooch who suffers from motion sickness, the very idea of hitting the highway may be enough to make you feel nauseated. Krissy Bradfield reveals hot to help your canine conquer carsickness

Dogs Life
Can Dogs Fall In Love?

It only takes one glance at a pair of "puppy dog eyes" to believe that dogs fall in love. But does science agree?

Dogs Life
To chip or not to chip

Microchipping is not yet compulsory in all Australian states. Krissy Bradfield asks whether it should be.

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