Ko Ricker

Freelance writer, editor, and German to English translator

Location icon United States of America

Language and culture are my twin passions. My native tongue is English but I learned German at an immersion school as a child and speak it fluently. I have loved picking up new languages ever since, and am an avid traveler. I take every opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn about a new way of life.

Currently I'm working as a reporter at Portland Monthly, a magazine that explores the unique culture and documents the offerings of Portland, Oregon, my hometown. I love the written word and I believe my sense of empathy is the most valuable thing I bring to my work.

I'm versatile and can work in a variety of styles, whether you need a writer, editor, or German to English translator. Please contact me through my fiverr account if you would like to solicit my services. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Portland Monthly
6 Places in Portland to Embrace Your Inner Artiste

Sure, you could take one of Newspace's iPhone classes to better milk your Hipstamatic app-but who needs the Supergrain effect when you can produce the real deal from scratch? This introduction to creating black-and-white prints from actual film grants you 10 hours of access to New-space's community darkroom-plus infinite old-school cred.

Portland Monthly
This Portland-Designed Bread Truck Brings Parks to the People

New Portland resident Andreas Stavropoulos is no stranger to tiny design culture. Before the architect taught a course in small space design at the Vermont build-it school Yestermorrow, he lived in a custom-remodeled 1959 Airstream parked behind a Berkeley co-op.

Portland Monthly
A Pocket Guide to Pacific Northwest Hot Springs

The rain drums against the roof, the wind yanks the last damp leaves from the trees-and all the snuggies in the world can't seem to insulate you from winter creep reaching deep into your bones. It's time to soak out the chill-and revive your spirits-at one of the Pacific Northwest's beautiful natural hot springs.

Portland Monthly
After Malheur, How Could Rural Oregon Prepare for Another Armed Militia?

It might seem as though the current Malheur occupation trial is winding down—the court expects a verdict in the case against seven defendants by Halloween—but that's no excuse to turn a blind eye to the right-wing nationalist groups that continue to endanger rural Oregon.

Portland Monthly
Here's What the Old Northwest Post Office Site Could Look Like

Back in the day, Portland's federal post office, conveniently situated near Union Station, was a design pioneer. The facilities boasted the best that the early 20th century had to offer in mail mobilization. But by 1962, an addition was required to house the new fleets of mail trucks that would serve the expanding metro area.

Mother Holle

A creative adaptation of the Grimms' fairy tale "Frau Holle," which I wrote for my Narrative Studies capstone project at USC.

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