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Kathryn McClure


Location icon United States of America

Kathryn has always had a deep-rooted passion for writing.
Luckily, there is always something worth writing about.
From the serious to the lighthearted (and everything in between), Kathryn strives to write intriguing, high-quality pieces.
Currently residing in Pennsylvania, she is fueled by the love and encouragement provided by her husband and three rambunctious children. She is also an avid photographer in her spare time.


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Published Articles

You Know You're From Pennsylvania If You Have Done These Things

If you're from Pennsylvania, you will definitely recognize the things on this list! So go ahead and browse through the below true signs that you are from this state! You know what a REAL cheesesteak is like. Every Pennsylvanian has a strong opinion of how they think a cheesesteak should be made (all thanks to an endless cheesesteak battle that began in Philadelphia).

An Open Letter To All The Badass Single Moms Out There

There are many single moms that wake up every day, ready to take on the world. The following is an open letter to those badass single moms. Dear Badass Single Moms, I want you to know that I see you.

A Lazy Girl's Guide To Cooking Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier - Society19

Cooking can be a joy...until you have to do things like mince, slice, and strain. Fortunately, there is a plethora of cooking gadgets that can make life in the kitchen so much easier (and they can all be found on Amazon)! Sponsored Link 1. Bagel Guillotine This gadget is a total game changer in bagel prep!

Food For Thought: 8 Foods To Boost Brain Function

It's no secret that the foods you choose have an impact on your entire body, but how often do you think about the most important part of you: your brain? Here's a list of 8 foods to boost brain function that you should keep in mind to keep your brain happy and healthy!

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There are tons of places to eat in Blair County. But when you are in the mood for food, all of those options can make it difficult to decide where to go. Here's a list of 5 of the best food spots in Blair County to help get you well on your way to pleasing your appetite!

Cleaning Hacks That Are Grandma Tested And Approved - Society19

We can all admit that cleaning is not the most joyous thing to do, especially when trying to achieve a certain kind of clean. Luckily, the Grandmas of the world have pre-tested some cleaning methods for us. Try 15 of the best cleaning hacks that have been Grandma approved! 1.