Kristina Lopez

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My name is Kristina Lopez and I am currently a junior at Towson University. Though my graduation date is yet to be determined, my future degree will be a B.S. in Mass Communications with a minor in English. My passion for journalism started back in high school and I have enjoyed every minute of the hands-on experiences that I have been offered through this academic journey. As I learn more about what the major has to offer, I have developed a stronger passion and critique for journalism and writing, and hope that I will be able to implement this passion into the new and innovative modern media platforms.

My skills primarily lie in news writing and editing for print, however since my journey began at TU, I have learned other styles of writing such as broadcast writing and writing for social media and online websites that have since peaked my interests. As I am still learning new ways to communicate to mass audiences, I hope to gain more diversity within the major as well as learn to write for multiple platforms of media.

I am looking for a position to push my limits and challenge me to hone in on the skills that I have learned, as well as teach me new and exciting things about the career that I am most passionate about and eager to progress through.

Email me at: [email protected]

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