Kloee Sander

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Journalism and Broadcasting Student

United States

I developed a love for communicating and storytelling at a young age. My family often found me performing parts of plays and reading out loud. I always told the longest most dramatic stories. This passion has not left me, but it has matured into a passion for broadcast storytelling.

I am a senior broadcasting news student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am passionate about storytelling and the impact good reporters can have on a community. I have interned and been published in a variety of Nebraska newspapers, 10/11 Now and the Nebraska News Service. I have edited in Premiere, Avid and Edius and shot with DSLR and JVC cameras. My resume is attached in a link below.

Enjoy reading and watching!

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UNL 'crime scene house' helps forensic science program stand out

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's new crime scene house allows students to get hands on experience through staged crime scenes. The department said they are the only forensic science program in the Midwest with a campus and program like this.

SCC esports club team prepares for the virtual field

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Southeast Community College will have an esports club team this fall on three of their campuses. Lincoln's campus flipped a traditional classroom into the ideal gaming space - trading traditional desks and chairs for gaming consoles and padded seating. The room has multiple monitors, a Nintendo Switch, PS4 and virtual reality set.

Omaha World-Herald
Seasons are no longer just about the weather, but your closet

Seasons no longer just describe weather patterns, but also color palettes. House of Colour West Omaha, led by Darcie Zauha with her associate Kirsten Hilt, is using winter, spring, summer and autumn palettes to highlight clients' features and make them feel more confident.

News Nebraska
Legislative Bill 31 will have it's public hearing on March 6

Nebraska Legislative Bill 31 would require every freight train in Nebraska to have two crew members-the conductor and engineer-in the cab when traveling. Sen. Mike Jacobson of North Platte introduced the bill and has railroad union support. "This is a public safety issue," Jacobson said.

UNL restores 95-year-old doll

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Morrill Hall is full of history. Among the items is a special Japanese doll from the 1920s, which is being restored and displayed from Friday until October. Inside Morrill Hall, Miss Mie, a Japanese friendship doll, is getting a few touch ups before her 95th birthday.


WIC's food packages provide clients with more produce

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As food prices rose, Women, Infants and Children food packages were in need of an update. WIC provides money for their clients to spend on healthy food. Before June of 2021, children in the program were allocated $7 to $9 a month for fresh fruits and vegetables, enough to buy just nine apples.

StarCare visits Northwest High School

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Northwest High School's health science program gained hands-on experience with the help of StarCare's helicopter and air medical team. A Starcare team landed on Northwest's practice field and students were able to hear from a pilot, an air nurse and air paramedic and also climb inside a medical helicopter.

Blue Angels coming to Lincoln August 2023

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -It has been over six years since the Nebraska National Guard hosted an airshow, but on Monday they announced the Blue Angels will perform in Lincoln next year. The Blue Angels are part of the United States Navy. They travel each year to 32 cities to put on airshows.

SCC students work with Ford vehicles in asset program

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Students at Southeast Community College's Milford Campus get to go to class and work on a 2022 Ford Electric Mustang. SCC's Milford's Ford Asset Program has a 96% student success rate and 100% job placement in Nebraska, largely by training with new technology and partnerships with local dealerships.