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I thrive on words, language and helping the verbally challenged.
In my free time I write fiction and paint, always in pursuit of the authentic and strange.
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rape culture: seeking solutions

Note: The content of this article contains details of sexual misconduct and molestation that may offend or trigger some readers. by Kristin Kurens "What's the reaction to the name of your magazine?" Lara Dale asked me as I handed her a Cuntism sticker. I met Dale at an intimate dinner party with a mutual friend.

full exposure: april hartford's transition

by Kristin Kurens Just stepping into April Hartford's studio and exhibition in Santa Fe, NM can knock the emotion out of you. The Maine native opened the space in July 2017 with her show, Transgender: One Person's Journey.

cunt crush: gigi bella, poeta

Gigi is unapologetically Gigi. "If I'm going to be brave and wear blue lipstick, then I have to be blue-lipstick brave all the time." When she walks into the coffee shop, she's wearing blue lipstick, glittery eye-makeup and big star earrings filled with tiny silver-star confetti.

katie neeley breaks the silence

by Kristin Kurens Katie Neeley is full of stories, as a woman, an artist, a former Marine coping with PTSD, and a survivor of rape and sexual harassment. I met with Neeley in early April of 2017 to hear her story, but before we dive into anything, she tells me she has to tell me a story about the word cunt.

welcome to cuntism

Pushing boundaries is deliciously fun-and hard. Cunt. For many women, this is the pinnacle of insults. The final frontier of four-letter words. In the age of reclamation, it's time to go to the next level. Let's elevate a powerful, inflammatory word. March 2017 marks the soft launch of Cuntism Magazine.

4 Reasons You Need to Take a Mental Health Day - Vitalyzr

Has it been a while since you took a mental health day? Are you deeply craving one, or do you think it's just an excuse to be lazy? Time off from work is key to thinking and performing your best. Here are four reasons to take a vacay (even if it's mini).

5 Ways Stress Is Killing Your Will to Live - Vitalyzr

Chronic stress can undermine health, according to the growing pile of research and studies... Your mood takes a hit; depression sets in. You feel overwhelmed. Your dreams get even weirder. And your self-esteem plummets. It's hard to relax. And that's just your mental health. Your body-from head to toe, inside-out-suffers too.

4 Reasons You Need to Say No - Vitalyzr

You've likely already made your resolutions for 2017... but if saying "no" more isn't on your list, you might want to make a quick revision. Does it seem like everyone is always asking for a favor? You might even think you like saying yes. It often feels like the right thing to do...

Can THIS Save You from Parkinson's Disease? - Vitalyzr

Need more proof of a gut-brain connection? Science just found a critical link between the intestinal microbiome and Parkinson's disease. For years, experts assumed that Parkinson's affected mostly the brain and central nervous system. But now researchers are finding that not only is the gut damaged from the disease, but also may be the root of the condition.

How Your Mustache Can Prevent Suicide - Vitalyzr

Grow a mustache in November and support men's health... The Movember Foundation boosts awareness of the biggest health issues men face: testicular cancer, prostate cancer and suicide. It's often hard to talk about suicide, but even a little education can help prevent a devastating and totally preventable loss.

Freelance Editing

i love you, bitch

by Erin Gibson Women: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Am I right?! But hey, wait... I'm a woman, and I don't have a choice. I live with myself every day, and no matter what I do or say, no matter how many different ways I disrespect or hurt myself, I have to put up with my own shit and "live with it."

Main Street Investor
Did You Catch These 3 Stock Winners? - Main Street Investor

Has your investment portfolio made you any money in 2017? If not, it may be time to change your investing strategies... Some investors saw enviable gains in the first three weeks of the year-and off of just three well-known companies. Their guide? , Main Street Investor's expert trader and the editor of Millionaire Blueprint .

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The 5 Naughtiest CEOs of 2016 - Main Street Investor

Which CEOs top off the naughty list this year? Dissecting the antics of corporate America never fails to bring a bit more merriment to the holiday season... Highlighting the worst behavior of highly-paid chief executive officers is a time-honored tradition among the investing community.

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Invest in These 3 Medical Marijuana Stocks Now - Main Street Investor

The market for legal marijuana is blossoming... Is it high time for investors to jump into this taboo industry? Sales for legal weed soar from year to year, with a projected 2016 total of . By 2020, that number could top $22 billion. That's pretty amazing for a substance that's still illegal in the majority of U.S.

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9 Smart Stocks for Savvy Women Investors - Main Street Investor

Pay gaps, career gaps to raise children, longer life spans-women undoubtedly have different financial needs than men. Here's what every woman needs to know about investing. Time and again, surveys and studies show that men and women have different viewpoints when it comes to investing money.

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