Karen Joseph Adcock

TV Writer and Producer

Location icon United States of America

I'm a writer with two last names who's an LA transplant by way of the other LA - Louisiana. I recently graduated with and MFA in Television Writing and Producing from Loyola Marymount University, and I have a BA in Film Studies from Columbia University in the City of New York. I want more than anything to write for TV and eventually run my own show. I love taking the people and experiences around me and turning them into lovable and not so lovable characters and scenarios in my scripts. My writing style drifts toward half hour drama-comedies, or "sad-comedies," as I like to call them. Art imitates life, imitates art, imitation beef... wait, what were we talking about?

10-Episode Anthology Webseries
Talking Shop Ep 101 & 102

While hiding away her own fears and insecurities, a seemingly unsinkable woman acts as stylist and therapist for the black women and girls who frequent her beauty shop.

1/2 Hour Drama-Comedy Pilot
Crater Lake

A drug addiction counselor tenuously maintains her commitment to her adolescent clients while suppressing her own addictions and crippling past regrets.

1/2 Hour Drama-Comedy Pilot
Welcome Back to Bumf*ck

After she's kicked out of her elite university following a mental health break, an anxious overthinker moves back to her hokey hometown to get her degree from the local state college.

Hour-long Drama Pilot
Battlefield of the Mind

Twenty years after the Vietnam War, a jaded black Marine veteran tires to keep his family from falling apart while running from secrets he thought he and his fellow soldiers left buried in the murky Indo-Chinese waters.

1/2 Hour Workplace Comedy Pilot
Mall in the Family

A 30-something, business school dropout attempts to run a sporting goods store in the sparsely trafficked South Wing of a large shopping mall with the subconscious hope it'll help him connect with his absent father.

The Great Aunting

The only thing scarier than your Great Aunt judging your every move, is your Great Aunt doing so from beyond the grave.

"Moist Queef" Blog Post
I Never Thought It'd Happen to Me(me)

Meme? Like, Mim? Or is it like Meh-Meh? Oh, I know! Me-me! Hmm, meme? Like theme? Okay sure, I'll write an article about that. The above was my reaction when I was asked to write about memes for a ...