Kellie Lawless

Staff Writer on The Clarion and Student at Bethel University

Junior journalism student and freelance photographer

United States of America


The Clarion


Professor by day, filmmaker 24/7 - ROYAL REPORT - Medium

By Beret Leone, CeCe Gaines, and Kellie Lawless | Feature reporters Valerie Swedlund stands in the back of a crowded room, clutching her hands, tears welling in her wide, brown...


Redefining healthcare

Bethel University introduces the Center for Excellence in Healthcare. By Kellie Lawless | Features Reporter The conference center outside the Robertson Center Gym is about to...



THE BOOKS EPISODE features Jackie Lea Sommers, a young-adult author from the Twin Cities who battled obsessive compulsive disorder until she found treatment in her early 20s....


Love Series: Pinkie promises and other problem solvers

What do a cousin and two sisters have in common? A seven year age gap. And nothing else. THE FOLLOWING IS AN OPINION PIECE AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE...


Digging into diversity

Literature is beginning to shed light on topics ranging from mental disorders to racial differences, and Bethel University is following suit. By Kellie Lawless and Sam Petterson...


Carrying the Legacy

One student takes on the unquie role of the family's 30th member to attend Bethel. By Kellie Lawless | Features Reporter Emma Forsline was getting impatient. The toe of her...


Transportation bits: Our first time being pulled over

Late and in Peril In high school, I was notoriously known for running horrifically late to everything. While normal students would blast the radio on their trek to school, I...


Serving Students

In India and at Bethel, Sodexo worker Geetha Peters loves to serve.

Royal Report

Tell Us Your Nikdag/Gadkin Story


Political Divide

A seemingly split student body raise questions of political tolerance and understanding among Democrats and Republicans. Marissa Gamache | News Editor Cece Gaines | Freelance...


The Boys of Fall

Bethel University's football roster looks a little different this year and it's not because of the new talent stepping out onto the field or past players taking on different...

The Lantern

The Lantern

Smoke and Mirrors

Despite snagging the third spot on Billboard's Hot 100 with their hit song, Radioactive, in 2013 and quickly rising to the top of the hottest albums in 2012, Imagine Dragons...

The Lantern

No Place Like Home

On May 16th, the CFHS auditorium was packed with anxious fans that chattered excitedly as they waited for the Cannon Falls native - turned country music star, Caitlyn Smith, to...

The Lantern

Reading your way across the map

Who needs an RV when you could just read your way across the USA? No annoying travel buddies, spending loads of cash just on gas, and stale snacks from that creepy gas station...

The Lantern

New Princess of Pop

One genre Taylor Swift is never never getting back together with is country. On August 18th the ex- country singer announced that her upcoming album, 1989, will be her first...

The Lantern


"Panic began as so many things do in Carp, a dead-end town of 12,000 people in the middle of nowhere: because it was summer, and there was nothing else to do. " New York Times...