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Kirsty Louise Prowse

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Photographer imagines what social networks would look like as humans

Los Angeles-based Viktorija Pashuta, 31, has created playful photo series Depicts LinkedIn as a businessman and Pinterest as quirky and creative Teamed up with top stylist to dress male models as the popular sites From creating LinkedIn as a dapper businessman to picturing Flickr as an artsy hipster, a fashion photographer has imagined what social networks would look like if they were real men.

DEEP FRIED Yule logs and even Christmas puddings all for sale at one chip shop

A Scottish chip shop is serving up Yule logs deep fried in batter. This festive season Reivers Fish Bar in the Scottish Borders is selling deep-fried chocolate logs, mince pies and even Christmas puddings, to the delight of a demanding public. Boss Rona Johnston, 50, said: "It seems a bit too weird but deep-fried yule log is very tasty.

Mail Online
Belgian travels 5,000 miles to meet Facebook 'friend suggestion'

Victor Van Rossem was intrigued at the suggestion he befriend Neal Retke After looking at the artist's pictures decided add him as a Facebook friend But after Mr Retke failed to respond the student travelled to find him He and a friend tracked down Mr Retke and spent three weeks with him A Belgian student travelled more than 5,000 miles to Austin, Texas, to meet a stranger who Facebook suggested he make friends with.

Mail Online
Woman covers her entire body in tattoos chosen by total strangers

Illma Gore, 22, from Los Angeles wants to become a walking art exhibit Her goal is to get at least 2,500 names for £6 each tattooed on her body For £60 and above donors can submit their own design Her only rules: No grapes (as they shrivel to raisins) and no hate speech If you've always liked the idea of a tattoo with your name on it, but never actually wanted to go under the needle, now is your chance to bring your inking dreams to life - by letting someone else do it instead.

Mail Online
Stylish pooch poses with Kate Moss and Pharrell Williams

Klee Van Schoonhoven snaps her dog posing with magazine cutouts Goldie the chihuahua has posed with Kate Moss and Pharrell Williams Instagram account has seen her gain almost 5,000 followers Forget Chanel handbags and green juices, all you need to gain a loyal following on Instagram is a chihuahua and a pair of scissors.
Lawyer challenges herself to spend just £1 a day on food

A 26-year-old lawyer is feeding herself with food saved from skips and recycled bones from her local butcher to get through a challenge to survive on a budget of just £1 a day. Alice Biggar, of Southampton, decided to save the pennies and give up expensive food for a month.

University Assignments

HYPE Magazine

I made this magazine from scratch for one of my university assignments. All of the design work is my own, and I commissioned some of the articles/images from other writers and photographers.

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