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Kirsty Lee

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SCAN: Student Comment and News (Lancaster University)

Inaugral Film Society festival a "smashing success."

Lancaster Film Society (LEAF)'s first annual film festival, hosted at the Nuffield Theatre, has been deemed a "smashing success" by LEAF treasurer James Daly. The festival displayed twelve student films which addressed a wide variety of issues and varied in length from a two-minute stock animation to a fifteen-minute short film.

Extrav previews 2012

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Different Extrav Themes Extravs - the only time that standing dressed in a ridiculous fancy dress, clutching a disgusting cocktail of vodka, beer and coke, is actually acceptable since the tragic death of Morecambe's Premier entertainment venue. Extrav week presents you with many different key decisions.

Six of The Best: Mercury Prize Nominees

A selection of Mercury music prize nominees and why they deserve to win The Maccabees A worthy Mercury Prize nominee is The Maccabees with their third album 'Given to the Wild'. With an indie-folk-rock guitar music sound they are beginning to appeal to more and more people with this album reaching a massive top five spot in the album charts, the highest position the band has ever seen.

Culture Clash: Horror Films

'Horror' translates as 'an intense, painful feeling of repugnance and fear.' The description doesn't exactly appeal, why would you subject yourself to terror? Some would argue that not all horror films are purely terrifying; some contain humor in order to diffuse the sense of fear and re-create the genre to one that is more accessible.

Battle of the Bands Heat Three - Fylde Bar

Kirsty Lee reports from Heat three of the competition at Fylde Bar. Battle of the Band round three, DING! DING! DING! Heat three took place at The Mill, aka Fylde Bar on the 20 th February 2013.

Culture Clash: Game of Thrones

What's better - the books or the TV show? Kirsty Lee and Rachel Quin fight it out. The TV Show Kirsty Lee It is becoming a frequent occurrence that some of our literary best sellers are cashing in on their popularity and allowing for their novels to be adapted to fit the screen- whether this is the television screen or the silver screen depends on the individual book(s).

The Student Journals

Home or Away?

Kirsty Lee is studying Film Studies at Lancaster University. Follow @kirstylee92 Photography: Steve Cadman There are clearly many advantages to gaining a distance learning degree or qualification but personally I feel that a face-to-face degree comes with a different variety of benefits - if you are prepared to pay for it.

10 Things The Easter Weekend Brings

Kirsty Lee is studying Film Studies at Lancaster University. Follow @kirstylee92 Photo: Flickr / Shiny Red Type It is easy to get caught up in the Easter hype, especially when you can start buying your creme eggs in February - but which of these things have you filled your Easter weekend with?