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The Love Pug (Blog)

The Love Pug
A Little Slice of Parisian Brunch in LA

You know when you hear about a restaurant that supposedly has amazing food, fantastic ambiance, and is just all around hyped up but it ends up falling flat? Well, this is the opposite of that. After drooling over a picture on Insta of Republique's famous kimchi fried rice, I doodled the LA restaurant's name on...

The Love Pug
Brunch So Hard: Sweet Maple SF

I recently blogged about my travels through the great city of San Francisco, and I'm guessing some of you noticed its strange (for me) lack of food. Well, that's because I was saving my culinary adventure in SF for its own blog post. Trust me, it's that incredible.

The Love Pug
Indulging at the Vegan Street Fair

Cheese is the glue that holds my life together and I can't imagine going longer than a month without indulging in an old-fashioned burger, but I'm always looking for food that challenges the notion that animal products are the key to delicious eats. The Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood provided the perfect chance to experiment...

Her Campus UCSB

Her Campus
I'm Disappointed That Mindy Lahiri Is Dating Again

The Mindy Project has given us four full seasons of quirky Mindy Lahiri's dating antics, from awful first dates to tumultous relationships to a surprise pregnancy. However, the new season promised something a little different: a single Mindy! After rejecting both Jody and Danny, Mindy decided she was going to embrace the single life and try being alone for a little while.

Her Campus
'The Mindy Project' Is Better Off Without Danny Castellano

Like most Mindy Project fans, when Mindy and Danny finally got together in season two, I was the epitome of the heart-eyes emoji. Danny and Mindy seemed like the OTP: full of passion, best friends, and totally in love. Although they bickered, they did it out of love and always found their way back to each other.

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Her Campus
21 Questions You Should Ask on a First Date

Dating is hard: confusion over the bill, nervous laughter, sweaty pits, and worst of all -- awkward conversation. Let us take some of the pressure off - here are 21 questions to ask to keep the date lively and so you can find ~ true lurve ~ We ain't down wit dat.

Her Campus
The Bachelorette Plot Twist: Is It Misogynistic?

As a new Bachelor viewer (this past season was my first time watching it), I consumed the show along with the rest of America: the catty fights, the awkward make out seshes, and the cheesy proclamations of "love."

Her Campus
10 Young Adult Books You're Not Too Old For

College is an awkward time when it comes to reading. You may find yourself asking, "Do I even have time to read a book that wasn't assigned to me by a sadistic professor?" Or maybe, "Why would I read Game of Thrones when it's on HBO every Sunday?"

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