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Kimberlee Aine

Creative Writer, Mental Health Blogger

Location icon United Kingdom

Inspired by Nature, I live on a narrowboat, where I write about living with depression, teeny miracles and finding beauty in unexpected places. When I'm not writing creative copy, I blog about mental health and living with depression, Nature Therapy, Natural Health and Wellness.

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Stop the Stigma: How to Cope with Depression Stigma

One in four. That's the number of people in the world the World Health Organization (WHO) says will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. This statistic tells us depression can occur at any time, and it can affect anyone.

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12 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Triumph Over Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Cuddling up and having a duvet day is the ultimate form of self-comfort. But when duvet days turn into weeks of self-isolation it can leave you feeling moody, lethargic, fatigued and frustrated. Read these tried and tested, surprisingly simple, yet powerfully effective ways to cope with the winter blues

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Nature Therapy: How a Chance Encounter with a Bumblebee Helped Ease my Depression

Curiously, it's the little things that make such a tremendous difference to my mental health. One cold, wintry day I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the grip of depression. Storm clouds were brewing and the icy air hinted at possible snow. I could feel the dark clouds imploding on my mood.

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