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United States

Katherine fell in love with words at first bedtime story (which she could probably still recite) and credits her 7th grade readings of Eudora Welty and Maya Angelou to be the impetus for her recognition that she, too, might have a story to tell. Katherine enjoys writing about both business and lifestyle topics, philanthropy initiatives, and family issues, as well as conducting personal interviews. She lives in the metro Atlanta suburbs with 3 dogs, 3 sons, 1 husband, and too many books.


Health & Family

Health: Here's To A Brand New Start

When Katherine Michalak's husband, Joe, an amateur athlete and healthy eater, dropped with cardiac pain a few months ago, life changed. Here is her story: Katherine: "This has nothing to do with your lifestyle... This is family history plus stress. You need to accept that you have cardiac disease and you'll probably be on medication the rest of your life.

Enterprising Education: How metro Atlanta companies spark learning

Atlanta boasts the nickname "The Phoenix City," with that proud bird and its characteristic flames emblazoned on the city crest along with the mantra "Resurgens." Here, we don't fear the fire. Here, we spark change and ignite progress. Here, we rise from the ashes, using every resource available to grow stronger and brighter.

Sweet Summertime at Metro Atlanta's Active Adult Communities - KNOWAtlanta

Ah, those lazy days of summer. Of course, when you're a resident of one of metro Atlanta's active adult communities, there's nothing lazy about this time of year! In fact, with access to a range of seasonal amenities and programming, local 55+ residents have full calendars during the summer months.

Vineyard Vows: A Wedding In Highlands, NC

Only an old-fashioned mountain wedding would do for Rachel Miller and Tyler Wavra. The couple first met one summer in the groom's hometown of Highlands, NC. Tyler worked on his family's Christmas tree farm, Ty-Lyn Plantation, and Rachel waited tables at Old Edwards Inn.

Carpool Fuel SuperMom Snack

Not gonna lie ... It's glorious having those kids back in school. Granted, the early morning rush can be a killer, but I've got to get going myself and I can make it through the drop off line okay, clutching my coffee mug, knowing that I'll soon have hours of time to myself - to work in peace.

The Healing Power Of Lymphatic Massage

This summer I needed a little minor surgery; nothing scary or noteworthy at all. This girlfriend is over 40 and 'tis the season. My most recent round of checkups showed my vehicle service light was blinking - the mechanics determined it was time to pop the hood and take a peek at the engine.

Spider Veins: What's Crawling Up My Legs!

I noticed a few of them in my 20s, just one or two feathery red patches that enlarged gradually over the years, probably from wearing high heels every day. My 30s brought a decade of pregnancies and chasing kids, constantly on my feet.

5 Hiking Trails Within Minutes of Downtown Atlanta

Hiking doesn't require major equipment or even a drive out of town. Throw the knapsack on your back and explore the trails right in our own backyard. Metro Atlanta situates itself within the Piedmont region of Georgia.

Home & Design

Atlanta Magazine
Ready, set, nest! A ton of new home and decor stores have sprung up in Atlanta

Atlantans can be quite the enthusiastically domesticated bunch-we brag about our neighborhoods, we treasure our houses, we celebrate our designers and architects, and we decorate with prescient delight. Retailers have taken note, responding in kind with an explosion of new home and decor stores ready to feed our voracious appetite for stylish living.

The Love List
Maggie Mathews' Art: Water, Shells and Bones

Words: Katherine Michalak | Photos: Caroline Fontenot Atlanta-bred abstract painter Maggie Mathews calls the beaches of St. George Island her muse. We caught up with her on the eve of her first solo exhibition.

The Love List
Inheriting Style

Words: Katherine Michalak | Photos: Caroline Fontenot The mother / daughter duo behind S.Carter Designs share a family aesthetic that begins at opposite ends of their well-appointed homes, then meets in the middle on their diamond, feather and bone jewelry. As I roll slowly down

Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Spring

Old Man Winter's ferocity in 2015 has become a constant topic of conversation. And while we can't control the forecast, we can offer a blissful peek into a pastoral local garden and bring some sweet dreams of springtime.

Keisha Noel: FACES of Atlanta

Keisha Noel began her love affair with statement jewelry as a little girl in Chicago, showing a flair for eclectic elegance far beyond her years and more sophisticated than the characteristic childlike fascination for sparkly trinkets. Keisha landed here as a student, marrying and making Atlanta her home.

Designer Details: Shop ADAC with an Insider

The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, known as ADAC, serves as the premier resource for interior designers throughout the Southeast, presenting more than 60 showrooms in the iconic structure built more than 50 years ago by architect John Portman.

Behind the Scenes with Margaret Kirkland

Talented designer Margaret Kirkland studied art at UGA and design at Parsons in New York before returning to her hometown of Atlanta, where she trained with the legendary designer Dan Carithers. In 2010, Margaret established her own firm, Margaret Kirkland Interiors, and quickly built a clientele treasuring her knack for classic Southern traditionalism with an updated flair.

Joann Kandrac & Kelly Kole: FACES of Atlanta

Sometimes the road takes a turn leading to more joy than ever considered possible. For both Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole, job transfers from up North down to Atlanta ultimately started a beautiful journey that would bring them together as friends staring at the same map ...

Feng Shui in Atlanta

Most of us spend our days racing about like the proverbial beheaded clucker, feathers flying as we tackle lists of tasks. Recently, Atlanta-based design consultant Cristin Zegers met me for coffee and we chuckled at our mutually breathless entry, both rattled from a week of just such Sisyphean efforts.

An Artistic Rescue

Atlanta artist, Holly Rae Henson, considers the sacredness of wildlife and nature as central themes for her current work. Finding continued strength and inspiration from contemplating the complex beauty of the natural world, last year, Holly became drawn into the mysterious drama of a juvenile barred owl in need of sanctuary.

Foolproof Plants for Your Summer Garden

Today, StyleBlueprint welcomes Katherine Michalak to our Atlanta publication. You first met this busy wife and mom of three young boys when she wrote a guest post about going vegan back in January. (Click here to read it.) We're thrilled to add her voice to our conversations about all the wonderful goings-on here in Atlanta!

A Fresh Look for a Beautiful House

The magnificent interior design minds of Huff-Dewberry, Inc. first partnered with homeowner Marsha Taylor over a decade ago. She'd just purchased her Peachtree Heights home in Atlanta and strategic renovations began immediately. With the help of a talented architect, as well as Heather Dewberry and William Huff, the house would transform from a quaint-but-dated cottage into a graceful residence reflecting the refined tastes of its owner.

Nyssa Green: FACES of Atlanta

by Katherine Michalak Where are you from and how did you make your way to Atlanta? I'm originally from Leesville, LA, but we traveled because my Dad was in the army. I went to high school in Ozark, AL, and from there I moved to the big city!

Erika Preval: FACES of Atlanta

"Mind your manners!" - A familiar chide for so many of us raised on "Yes, Ma'am's," Sunday suppers and mandatory thank-you notes. Unfortunately, our modern trends often shift away from traditional protocol, leaving a bit of a void for propriety. Charm Etiquette's Erika Preval steps in to fill the gap, translating classic conventions for a new generation.

Ann Mashburn: FACES of Atlanta

Beginning a fashion career as assistant to Vogue's Polly Mellen set a strong course for Ann Mashburn. She went on to serve as editor of Glamour and stylist for J. Crew, all while husband, Sid, achieved similar success. The stylish couple started a family and relocated several times, until finally settling in Atlanta as Sid launched his menswear brand Mashburn.

7 Fashion Blessings: Say A Little Prayer For These

The dressing room struggle is real, folks. For every single one of us. No matter what size or build, there's always some pulling, tugging, shifting and bunching - triggering the urge to wad up a garment, hurl it across the room and stomp off to an executive meeting in sweats.

Thoughts & Issues

Career Frozen? Tips To Get You Back To Work

Here are our top tips to help you navigate the job search process! It's hard, we know. For me, I attempted to balance work and motherhood with my first child, but jumped with both feet onto the Mommy Train after my twins were born.

Travel & Holiday

How to Explore Atlanta With Kids Using the MARTA Trains

Family fun in Atlanta begins with a playful call of “All Aboard!” All aboard a MARTA train, that is. The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates train service throughout the central portion of Atlanta, connecting dynamic attractions and diverse neighborhoods.Historically,

Atlanta Magazine
Hand make your Christmas gifts at these 3 Atlanta workshops

Tired of shopping? Check out these workshops to study a new craft, and leave with a little something handmade to slide under the tree. BYO wine to a chandlery workshop ($55-65) at Ponce City Market's breathtaking Candlefish studio. Take home two nine-ounce jar candles (so you can keep one for yourself).

Discovering St. Simons Island

We vowed to take a beach vacation this year. Okay, so that's a fairly typical jaunt for many families, but we rarely make the trip. For us, summertime usually means mountain time, but given the five-year hiatus since our last family beach excursion, we decided it was high time to get our toes in the sand.

A Gone with the Wind Tour Guide

In 1936, local debutante-turned-journalist Margaret Mitchell, published a little book called . Within six months, it had sold more than 1 million copies and was well on its way to becoming a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic. By December 1939, the novel's long-awaited epic film adaptation debuted at a star-studded Atlanta premiere that's become the stuff of local legend and family lore.

TravelPony.com: The Best Savings on Upscale Hotels

Cabin fever had already driven me to the brink of delirium well before #SnowJamATL slammed into my southern city, Atlanta. On that fateful night of January 28th, as my bedraggled husband collapsed into bed after opting to trudge a few miles through the snow rather than remain in his car a moment longer, I served him a hot toddy and declared, " Hun, we need a weekend away, PRONTO!

Seed: A Restaurant Well Planted

You've been open for about a year and a half now, and I think I should be honest with you. No more keeping it inside. The truth is, I just can't get enough of you. Look, I'm not a professional food writer or restaurant reviewer. No Redneck Ruth Reichl.