Ken Gagne

Digital content developer

I am a writer, editor, and social media strategist on the subjects of IT, electronic entertainment, and human interest. I primarily write for Computerworld about Apple, content management systems, and retrocomputing. Whenever possible, I explore in writing, podcasting, and event management my personal interests in the Apple II, multiple sclerosis, and genre films and literature.

United States of America



Crowdfunding: The latest way to get your project funded

Crowdfunding sites like Kickerstarter are offering both established businesses and entrepreneurs a viable alternative to venture capitalists.


Building an Apple-1 replica from scratch

Got your soldering iron ready? Follow along as I build a working Apple-1 machine just like Woz built back in 1976.


Smithsonian Art Of Video Games Exhibit Opens With Gaming Festival

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has opened an "Art of Video Games" exhibition with a three-day festival of gaming luminaries.


GeoCities lives — sort of

Although Yahoo shuttered the GeoCities Web hosting service last year, many of the sites that used the service have been made newly available by groups that archived them.