Kyland Frooman

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For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with stories - reading them, hearing them, telling them. Now, as a third-year strategic communications student at The Ohio State University, I have channelled my passion into a career goal. I am working toward a career in public relations to help organizations transform their brand through research, social media, event planning and storytelling.

Media Alert
Second City to come to local theater

This media alert was written as a class assignment. It is factually based from research on Second City and CAPA but has no affiliation with the organizaitons.

Fact Sheet
CAPA company profile

This fact sheet about CAPA was written as a class assignment. The information was found through employees at the organization and research conducted through the website, but is not affiliated with the CAPA organization.

Press Release
Launch of Beer + Donut Brunch at new event space

I created this press release to announce the launch of the timely, new event Beer + Donut Brunch for a class assignment. The event was put on by Columbus Underground, for which I have no true association.

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