Kevin Wilson

Senior Copywriter, Manulife Financial

I've been piecing together consonants, vowels, verbs and nouns for over 10 years and I've loved every minute of them.

I have earned a reputation for an eagle eye for detail, a strong mind for strategy and a unique creative flair.

I'm equally adept at writing earnest and factual as I am at silly or clever. From financial services copywriting, to more diverse advertising, to web and print journalism, I've developed a pretty diverse -- and award-winning -- portfolio.



Landscape America website blog post
Life is better outdoors

Part of a series of blogs for various clients I wrote through Compass Creative.

Costco Health & Dental Insurance landing page
Costco - A Year of Savings

Landing page from a campaign that won Best Insurance Integrated Ad Campaign at the Internet Advertising Competition.

Video for advisors
Introduction to 360 Selling

I wrote the script and conceived the visuals for this video for insurance and investment advisors.

Manulife | Alumni Term Life Insurance

You've worked hard to get to where you are now - we're here to help you protect it. Alumni Term Life Insurance offers low rates to alumni and their spouses, plus the following:

Landing page promoting a hackathon sponsored by Manulife
Hackatoon Hackathon

At Manulife, we're the proud provider of life insurance to alumni of over 60 colleges and universities across Canada. Alumni Term Life Insurance has helped provide a more secure financial future for so many alumni and their families. Then there are those elusive millennials.

Tutorial for brokers
Travel insurance interactive guide: Why Sell Travel Insurance?

When travelling abroad, some countries require proof of travel insurance, so it may be mandatory for your clients when they visit countries like Cuba, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland. Plus, if clients wait to purchase insurance at their destination, it may not cover many essential benefits.



Screen Rant
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Does Luke Skywalker Join the Dark Side?

Since the first teasers were released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens , fans have noticed that Luke Skywalker is conspicuously absent. We all know that Mark Hamill is back as the hero of the original trilogy. But why haven't we seen any definitive shots of him in the teasers and trailers?

Screen Rant
15 LEGO Movies We Need To See After Batman

LEGO has been part of our lives for over 80 years as a brick building toy that has supercharged the imaginations of kids (and adults) around the world. Having gained popularity in recent years, thanks to licensed ( Star Wars, Marvel, D.C.)

Screen Rant
17 Weirdest Blockbuster Movies of All Time

Guess what: we're all a little weird. And it shows in the films we like. Of course, we might not always want to admit it. After all, more often than not, films become massive hits because they appeal to the masses, with conventional romance and action, even if they're set in a fantasy world.

Beverly Hills 90210: 10 Rules For Coolness At West Beverly High

Fox's hit series Beverly Hills 90210 revolved around a group of teenagers at arguably America's most posh secondary school, West Beverly High School. It was overflowing with pretty, rich kids with attitude bursting out of their acid-wash seams. There was a suitably dramatic mix of personalities, from troubled loner, to fish out of water, to nerd, to innocent girl, to bad girl.

Together Family
A Green Apple a Day

An article about an innovative Toronto daycare.

Today's Pop Five: Kevin W.'s ex-baseball player TV characters

The Pop Five is a series of Pop Candy readers' top five lists. Today's contribution comes from Kevin W. (T.O. Kev) in Toronto: I love pop culture, but the crack of a bat makes my heart race, too. Spring means baseball is blooming again.

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