Ken Elkes

Freelance writer and author

Location icon United Kingdom

An experienced journalist, media and communications expert with a background in national newspapers. Formerly Managing Editor of Central Press Features, the UK's oldest features agency (now part of the Press Association).

Currently my work is divided between a number of roles:

- Communications and digital/social media strategies for a group of national community and environmental sector charities.

- Freelance journalism, specialising in literature and books, travel, food and the environment.

- A prize-winning author of short fiction, with numerous publications in anthologies, literary magazines and online. My fiction has been used on school and college curriculums in several countries including the USA.

- Consultancy for authors, using my unique blend of skills to help writers build their readership and establish their reputation.

Specialties: writing, editing, communications, media liaison, web content, social media, PR, journalism, news writing, short fiction.


On Writing

Write Stuff
The emergency department and the writer's instinct

Let me preface this by saying I'm not one to give into pain. No sir. I once went to hospital with a broken wrist - on a motorbike. Let's just say that journey, all twisting throttle and city traffic braking was 'uncomfortable'. But I endured. Last weekend, however, I caved.

Write Stuff
The Short Story, The Novel and The Antiques Roadshow

NB: This is a transcript of a conversation overheard on the 93 bus* "So come on then Terry, you said you'd have an answer by today." "What you mean a working analogy for the difference, apart from length, between novels and short stories, given that they are both forms of prose fiction Dave?"

The Woven Tale Press
Characterization and the Car Crash - The Woven Tale Press

Let's start with three examples: 1. I was in a road traffic accident the other day. I didn't suffer any injuries, though my car may not be repairable. Unfortunately it was my birthday. 2. I had an interesting birthday.

Examples of news stories & PR success

Discovering Places
What is a community garden?

It's a simple question with a complex answer - what is a community garden? It's the word 'community' that helps find a way of answering the question. The underlying premise of community gardens is that they are set up and managed by local people for the benefit of their community.

BBC News
Why more schools are opening farms

Increasing numbers of UK schools are starting up their own farms. The 100th opened last month, with at least 100 more planned, according to the School Farms Network. At Reddish Vale Technology College in Stockport, which has had a farm since 1986, pupils face the dilemmas of caring for animals raised for their meat.

Country Living Magazine
Police use flowers to combat anti-social behaviour

Bristol police has decided to spend £5,000 on a community flower garden in the city, in an attempt to combat anti-social behaviour. Far from a waste of money, research has shown that gardens and the flowers they are home to have the ability to alter the mood of people within society and enrich entire communities.