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Currently an Editor-in-Chief for Odyssey and an Undergraduate at Washington State University, my work has appeared on Huffington Post and blogs across the country. I have a strong proficiency in the field of multimedia management, editorial management, editorial writing and reporting, and leadership.

My passions include unique issues related to millennials, civil rights and social action, creative storytelling, and marketing ventures.

The Huffington Post
Millennials Finally Found a Solution: Divorcing Marriage

This past week The New York Times released a report that made those holding steadfast to monogamy jump with joy: American divorce rates are the lowest they've been since the 80's. But why? The answer is a simple one: Millenials aren't getting married.

The Odyssey
What Professionalism Taught Me About What It Means To Be A Woman

Aside from being a student, I consider myself a young professional. This past summer I interned with The Olympia Media Group and Odyssey, learning my way around deadlines, the responsibility of caring for a large group of like-minded individuals, personal integrity, and time-management.

The Odyssey
Alloparenting And The Stepford Nannies

A lot of people remain skeptical about the practice of nannies. On one side, nannies allow the child to grow accustomed to a home setting and have the constant companionship of a caregiver. This allows parents to have active lives, not worry about the politics of drop-offs, pick-ups, school time and playdates, and allow time for parent-child bonding at the end of the work day.

The Odyssey
One-Upping: Insensitivity At It's Finest

Part of the joy, and sometimes misery, of being a writer is that you find stories wherever you are. Listening, observing, and intellectually ingesting the world around you is how writers generate content. Sometimes you get lucky and find yourself happy or wistful when searching for a story.

The Odyssey
How To Lose A Guy In Tinder Days

I smelled like burnt hair and cheap vanilla perfume. I knew I should've left my hair natural. It's not like I was going to see this guy again. Sighing into the mirror, I finished brushing on my mascara and traipsed into my bedroom to grab my purse.

The Odyssey
Campus Cover-Ups: An Eye Opening Experience With VICE on HBO

In my suburban heaven of Shoreline, Washington, sexual assault isn't really talked about. It hangs in the air as parent-teacher conferences, school board hearings, PTA committees and sexual education classes let it slip by without mention. The first time I ever heard the words "sexual assault" I was 13, and I was in New York.

The Odyssey
The American Prison System: A Cycle Of Violence

The other day I was sitting in my usual coffee shop, sipping my ridiculously caramelized macchiato and staring at my bleak word document that, hopefully, would start to resemble an essay. To my left, a young couple seemed to be arguing about politics. "Our incarceration system is doing its job.

The Huffington Post
The Power of a Story: Controlled

The fundamental question for people who deal with sexual assault is what happens next? What do I do now? Can I be helped, can I be saved? In the memoir "Controlled," Neesha Arter tells her story and paves a path for other survivors to unburden their shoulders of pain and suffering.

The Huffington Post
Why I Have Lost Faith in My Beloved Cosmopolitan

I was nine, and I was breaking the rules. My mother was traipsing about the kitchen cooking some infernal green thing that I was no doubt expected to scarf down. I knew that she had stashed a Cosmopolitan magazine somewhere in the apartment, and I was going to find it.

The Odyssey
How Having A Gay Little Opened My Eyes To LGBTQ Discrimination

Who he chooses to love does not alter nor affect that about him. It also doesn't change anything about people of gay orientation, either. They are a group of people who have found love in another, just like everyone else does at a point in life.

The Odyssey
I Was At A Party And Then I Woke Up In The Hospital

Hey guys! As a lot of you know, I had a blog running for a few months that talked about scene-related issues and my opinions on them. Well, now I'm a writer for The Odyssey, and this is my first piece.

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