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Kelsey Lee

Writer/Editor/Visual Anthropologist

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance writer and visual/cultural anthropologist focused on digital curatorship and the role of multimedia in public education and global outreach.

• Durham University - PhD Social Anthropology (current candidacy)
• The University of Edinburgh - MSc Social Anthropology
• Hobart and William Smith Colleges - BA Cultural Anthropology

• Travel niche content production for Iceland Buddy, an organization based in Reykjavík, Iceland
• Anthropological research/writing position with The Tribal Wisdom Foundation, a Holland-based start-up dedicated to the preservation of indigenous material culture

The Eccentric Library
The Golden Hare

The story of Masquerade is relatively simple. Jack Hare, who is, in fact, a hare, has one goal: to deliver a treasure from the Moon to her great love, the Sun.

Iceland Buddy
Iceland Buddy - Best Travel & Tours Guide

Best Day Trips from Reykjavik As beloved as Iceland's vibrant capital city of Reykjavík is to both foreign travelers and native Icelanders, we all know

The Eccentric Library
The Four Corners Outbreak of 1993: The Value of Indigenous Knowledge in Disease Treatment and...

Officials with the Indian Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control were on the case. Armed with the tools associated with contemporary biomedicine, they set out to discover the root cause of the virus. To the excitement of my inner medical anthropologist, this case represents a full-circle epidemiological discovery as well as a fascinating marriage of modern, lab-based medicine and Navajo ethnohistory and knowledge.

The Eccentric Library
The Victorian Resurrectionist: Grave-Robbing in 19th Century Edinburgh

The concept of late 18th and early 19th century grave-robbing first piqued my curiosity as it prompted the question of "why?" Conceptually I understand that tombs and crypts have been raided for centuries because there is some value associated with the body or the items buried alongside it.

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