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Kelsey Brockenshire

Senior Brand & Content Specialist

Location icon United States

Wordsmith with 7+ years demonstrated history in content strategy and copywriting for digital platforms.

Sealed Air - Landing Page
Sealed Air at Modex 2020

Landing page created to direct traffic for digital promotions of Sealed Air's presence at trade show.

Sealed Air - Marketo - Email
Aged Inventory Promotion

This email was sent to existing Sealed Air distributors as a limited time offer.

Sealed Air - Sealedair.com Web Page

We choose to partner with suppliers who are committed to delivering value with integrity, honesty, and transparency in their operations.

Sealed Air - Ghostwriting for Executive on Sealedair.com Blog
3 Ways Science Can Help Mitigate Food Safety Risks in the Global Food Supply Chain

With the rise of global food production and trade, the food supply chain is becoming longer and more complex which increases the requirement for food security. As global regulations change and consumer demands increase, products need to satisfy a greater number of food security or food safety requirements.

Voyij Alaska - Voyij.com Blog
Ketchikan's General Store is Alaska's Oldest Business: Tongass Trading Co.

When you shop with Tongass Trading Company, you’re truly shopping a piece of Alaska’s history. Founded in September, 1898 as Strong & Johnstone Co. by Ketchikan pioneers Henry C. Strong and Frederick C. Johnstone, it was renamed Tongass Trading Company in 1900, and incorporated in 1901. At the turn of the century, the store supplied the miners and mining camps throughout Southeast Alaska when it was otherwise difficult to find items necessary for everyday living.

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