Kelly Askey

Versatile copywriter, satisfying clients for over five years with crisp, creative copy.

Location icon United States of America

I have worked as a copywriter for a state wide social service agency, where I had the privilege of telling the agency's success stories. I interviewed clients, teachers, and experts to discover their stories and then craft them into compelling copy. The agency published them in a variety of publicity materials, including their web site, newsletters, and as contributions to local newspapers, and magazines. I also wrote press releases and other publicity materials, as needed.

In addition, I've written for Home Life Magazine and had poetry published in Bitterroot International Poetry Magazine.

I've worked in academia for six years. First, as a writing tutor at Missouri Baptist University, and later taking on a student support position at St. Louis Community College. I coached students in developing their academic skills through classroom presentations, one-on-one session and through written materials. During my time at STLCC, I have authored many manuals, academic workbooks and creative materials. I also create and manage marketing campaigns for our program.

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Finding a Forever Family

The Great Circle web site has been revamped since merging with another agency, and old stories are no longer on the site.

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