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Museum minor joins curriculum next fall

Student interest and a strategic location combined to make the museum studies minor a reality at CNU. The program compliments majors from chemistry to fine arts and will make its debut in the fall. According to Dr. Michelle Erhardt, associate professor of fine art and art history, she noticed a growing interest in museum studies when advising students, but until now CNU lacked any formal program.

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Ditching Trump

A third of Virginia Republicans won't vote for businessman Donald Trump if he's the Republican nominee, according to a study released by the Wason Center for Public Policy.

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Classroom cultural connections

CNU prides itself on an enriching liberal learning curriculum, but some students feel they are not receiving a full cultural experience through the classes.

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The idea behind the IDEAs

Student feedback is key to improving the academic experience at CNU, though the process is plagued by some problems.

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Student Assembly election sees worse turnout than last year

Fewer students voted in the Student Assembly executive board elections than last year's election, due in part to changes in organization bylaws affecting the campaign process, according to Student Assembly's president.

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Meet your new SA President

Stationed in one position on a side couch on the second floor of the DSU, Michael Bamisile has waved to six separate people in less than an hour.

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The march to Dublin

After two years of video applications and auditions, the Marching Captains are finally headed to Ireland. In fact, by the time you're reading this, they'll already be there.

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Getting to the C.O.R.E. of the matter

Students and faculty were schooled on white privilege in a university-led workshop on Jan. 19 and Feb. 4. The second part of the two-part C.O.R.E. workshop featured a Privilege Walk activity. C.O.R.E. stands for Certificate on Racial Equity.

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New Free Thinkers club

College students across the country are criticized for being easily offended in an age of cultural appropriation, safe zones and trigger warnings.Freshman Rachel Wagner, president and founder of the Free Thinkers club, saw a need for controversial but informative discussion at CNU.

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Captains abroad

Where do you go when you have never flown on a plane by yourself, and the only time you have ever been out of the country was on an impromptu road trip to Canada? Across the ocean to Glasgow, Scotland of course.

DIY Valentine's wreath

Supplies: 1 package of basket-style coffee filters Food coloring or acrylic paint 1 large piece of cardboard 1 utility knife or box cutter 1 screwdriver or old pen Ribbon or wire Glue (optional) Instructions: Dye your coffee filters by filling a bowl with water and food coloring (or a tiny bit of paint) to your desired shade.

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Recipe column: Chicken noodle soup

After tramping through slush and enduring the frosty wind whipping your nose, nothing seems more inviting than being warmed from the inside out with a steaming bowl of hot soup. So when it gets chilly outside, this chicken noodle soup recipe, which is adapted from a recipe on Budget Bytes, is simple to make and feeds a crowd.

Non-published articles

Inside an Open Admissions Animal Shelter

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of sheltering animals, it is sometimes necessary to euthanize some of the animals that we receive. That is always a difficult decision that requires consideration of a number of factors, such as the animal’s condition, medical situation, temperament, and available care resources. So, how do you feel about that?” This is the question I am faced with after sitting through two and a half hours of orientation for the potential volunteers of the Peninsula...

Armed and Educating

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech. What do these three schools have in common? They are the homes to some of the deadliest school shootings in recent American history. In June 2014, after a high school freshman in Oregon killed a student and injured a teacher with an assault rifle, President Obama cited a survey that produced a sobering conclusion -