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Kelly McLaughlin

Writer • Wanderer • Wonderer

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"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic."


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The Savvy Reader
Top 10 Books to Take You Elsewhere

"We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there, too". We book-lovers are united under the surface by what we all long for: escapism. And while a temporary reprieve from reality may be a shared desire among humans...

The Savvy Reader
Our Favourite Celebrity Memoirs

We've come to learn through reading our favourite celebrity memoirs that although its rewards are seemingly endless, life in the spotlight...

50 Book Pledge Featured Read: We Were on a Break

'You've just had a holiday,' I pointed out, trying not to yawn. 'Wasn't that enough of a break?' 'I don't mean that kind of break.' There's nothing worse than the last day of holiday. Oh wait, there is: When what should have been a proposal turns into a break.

Addictive Books to Tear Through in a Weekend

What seems to be always approaching yet somehow ending before it's even arrived? The ever-elusive "weekend". We love the thought of having spare time-until we find ourselves fresh out of ideas on what to actually do with it. Luckily, we've found ten talented writers who deliver entertainment that asks nothing of us-except, of course, that...

Navigating the Wilderness with Cheryl Strayed and Cea Sunrise Person

If you liked Wild by Cheryl Strayed, then try Nearly Normal by Cea Sunrise Person! Here's why... If there's one thing for readers to take away from our reassurance that fans of Wild will feel just as fulfilled by Nearly Normal, it's that they'll find the two authors to be uniquely raw but equally honest in the ways in which...

The Savvy Reader
What to Read Next: Empowering Women Edition

If you admire Emma Watson, you should read Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett. Here's why... Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and feminist advocate extraordinaire, has never left us in search of reasons to support her. Between her moving UN speech on feminism with the HeForShe campaign, her public work with feminist icon Gloria...

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