Kelly Killpack

Human Resources Program Coordinator for Northwestern Medicine, Former Professional Intern for The Walt Disney Company, DePauw University '14

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I am a passionately deep thinker. I enjoy detail-oriented organization and handling administrative tasks. I face large challenges with a positive and enthusiastic approach, and feel satisfied with my efforts only once I see that challenge come to a successful completion. I want to always keep learning and growing in my profession.

I am currently a Human Resources Program Coordinator at Northwestern Medicine based in Chicago, IL with a unique background of experience at The Walt Disney Company, GrubHub, Starcom MediaVest Group and DePauw University,

In May 2014, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from DePauw University with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Spanish.

Here is my Writing Portfolio, including samples of my DePauw University coursework and published articles on and The DePauw student newspaper


DePauw University Coursework

The DePauw, Student Newspaper

The DePauw
Virtual stories during crisis: What to believe

Gut-wrenching stories went viral on Facebook, Twitter and the like amidst the devastating news of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, April 15. Online, perhaps you saw the image of a man cradling a woman's head who had been injured from the bombings.

Her Campus DePauw

Life in Neverland: A Guide to Frat Castles

This weekend is better than Christmas Day for first-years (and maybe more like Black Friday for the rest of us). You're finally allowed on Greek property and have an 'in' at all registered parties for the semester. We welcome you to the royalty of DePauw's campus!

Life in Neverland: Defend your Dream

Hey, collegiettes! I want to tell you about the happiest place on earth. But not exactly in the way you're thinking. I define that happy place in two ways, both of which really are the root of my passions. One is DePauw, duh. I have to say, I have quite the love affair with this place.

Life in Neverland: Fraternity formals in another kingdom

It's fraternity spring formal season! (It's better than prom, freshmen) This year is a bit different though--there are two weekends that the boys will be off to different cities with dates for unforgettable adventures. Whether it is your first off-campus formal, or you're a veteran who is traveling to more than one (we're jealous), check out these tips to make your weekend extra magical.

Life in Neverland: Make Finals Magical

There comes a point during Finals Week that you tell yourself it's okay to give up and check out. Don't let today be that day! Some of our beloved Disney characters have some words of advice for those of you hidden in a corner of Roy O.

Life in Neverland: Finding magic in the job search

Seniors are certainly in panic mode as they search for something, anything, to do after graduation. Sorry for the reminder, ladies, but the "G" word is approaching, and we should probably have some idea of what we want to do in the next few months.

Life in Neverland: Fact from Fairytale in the 'Castle

As a hopeless romantic, I was surprised to hear the truth of some of our favorite fairytales. Did you know in the original story of "The Little Mermaid," Ariel doesn't marry Prince Eric and becomes so depressed she disappears into foam?

Overheard in the 7th Grade Hallways

Overheard in the 7th Grade Hallways Kelly Killpack My 12-year-old brother is a ladies man-check out the girls hovering around him in that picture! Once he comes to DePauw (I'm not giving him a choice), the sorority girls will have a run for their money.

Filled with Free Time... Now What?

In high school, I counted down the days to summer break all year and couldn't wait to do absolutely nothing with my closest friends. Now, though, DePauw has tainted me.

Hope-full Romantic goes to Italy

Hope-full Romantic goes to Italy Kelly Killpack I've always called myself a hopeless romantic, but after my Shakespeare based Winter Term trip to Italy, with stops in Venice, Verona, and Rome, I changed my mind.

Rushing into Rush: Tips to Ease Your Pre-Recruitment Stress

With winter break fast approaching and Winter Term following, sorority formal recruitment will be here before we know it! DePauw is known for its strong Greek life, and recruitment season is the peak of the excitement for all chapters. The campus has been preparing for this week practically all year, and it will all pay off soon enough.

Become a Budgeting Queen!

We may be in middle-of-nowhere Indiana with zero temptation of shopping sprees and pricey meals, but things still add up in college, and we better keep an eye on that bank account. We may have a larger burden thinking about tuition, financial aid, or room and board, but our precious spending money requires some budgeting too!

Realizations of a Sophomore: The Difference One Year Makes

As I make my way around campus, I notice large groups walking together donning new DePauw gear with lanyards draped around their necks. I can't help but think back to the bundle of nerves I was when I was in their place last year.

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