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Ever since my 2nd grade Writing Workshop, I have been a voracious reader and writer. My creative spirit led me to join the theatre community at a young age, and eventually I began to freelance in film production as well. I am a storyteller at heart. I earned my Bachelor's in English and my Master's in Marketing from Nazareth College. I have spent the last several years in agency settings, working with clients big and small. As a Content Creator, I develop compelling short ad copy, long form blog articles, social media, eNewsletters, web copy, and anything in between.

Finger Lakes Cider House at Good Life Farm

If you love all things cider, then the Finger Lakes Cider House is a gateway to exploring many varieties of the delicious drink, along with locally sourced food.

Ravines Wine Cellars

Upon pulling into the entrance, you are immediately surrounded on all sides by vines and orchards. There must be an abundance of good wine up ahead. What you see next is a large and breathtaking 1800's dairy barn. Welcome to Ravines Wine Cellars . Inside the barn is a stunning event space.

Women's Rights National Historic Park

Who knew that the quiet little hamlet of Seneca Falls would become the birthplace of the clarion call for American women's equality? The famous names of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton resonate for most people but few know the full-story behind the slowly burning embers that would turn into a full on firestorm of women's rights activists and the fight for suffrage.

Copeland Technology Solutions
Copeland eNewsletter: Autumn Edition - Copeland Technology Solutions

As the air gets crisper every day and flu season is on the horizon, we should be conscious of another kind of virus: one for our computers. In this Fall edition of our Newsletter, we'll cover a company announcement, some current events in the world of IT support, how to plan for, protect against, and recover from disaster, and much more!

Nazareth College: Marketing Capstone
Brand Case Study: Burger King

A brand case study I developed for my graduate degree capstone class.

Hansford Parts and Products
The Die Cart: Safety Superhero - Hansford Parts and Products

Some of the most common workplace injuries in the tool and die industry are related to the heavy weight of the dies we work with. Between dies falling on an operators foot, or an operator straining their legs or back in heavy lifting, moving dies around your shop can be hazardous.

Pierce Industries
How Inertia Friction Welding Works - Pierce Industries

At Pierce Industries, we are proud to use the most innovative manufacturing processes to create custom designed parts and products for our clients. One of the more cutting-edge techniques that we use is Inertia Friction Welding. The process is very different from traditional welding and has an incredible amount of benefits that range from being eco-friendly to being good for business.

Nazareth College: Marketing Capstone
Brand Case Study: Starbucks

A brand case study I developed for my graduate degree capstone class.

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