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Kelly Doherty

Writer, Journalist, Designer, DJ, Producer

Location icon Ireland

Contributor to The Thin Air, Boiler Room, AbsolutePunk.net, UCC Motley Magazine.



The Thin Air
To Equality... And Beyond

May 22, 2015 saw a historical change in the Irish mindset. Our nation voted, resoundingly, in favour of Marriage Equality and, for the first time in our history, the LGB community of Ireland was seen as no different from their heterosexual brothers and sisters. Ireland voted against bigotry and hatred and in favour of a...

The Thin Air
All Genres Weird & Wonderful: Vaporwave

In the first installment of a new feature, All Genres Weird & Wonderful, Kelly Doherty scours the world's sub-genres so that you can sound informed at hipster dinner parties with minimal effort. Name: Vaporwave Origins: Unsurprisingly, the internet. Stemming a little bit from the Seapunk movement but very much with its own identity.

The Thin Air
It Hasn't Got Better: The Pulse Nightclub Shootings

I'll never forget my first time in a gay club. I was eighteen years old and in my first year of college. I'd been clubbing before but had never felt comfortable. The hyper-heteronormativity made me nervous - I could never picture myself dancing as carelessly as the other college kids, all flirting and grinding and...


The Thin Air
A Series of Unexpected Surprises: An Interview With Julien Baker

Speaking to Julien Baker feels like talking to your friend in a bar. Her unassuming nature and down to earth discussion can almost make you forget what a successful, accomplished person you're dealing with. Despite being only 22 years old, Baker has managed to forge an illustrious career with her emotive, gentle indie rock.

The Thin Air
Life Trainee: An Interview With SOAK

It's been three years since Derry born singer-songwriter SOAK broke into public consciousness with her emotionally raw and beautifully-crafted debut album Before We Forget How To Dream. After heaps of critical praise, a Mercury prize nomination, an Irish Choice Music Prize Album of The Year victory and a little time away from the limelight, the...

The Thin Air
Singing The Blues: An Interview With Jimmy Eat World

It's hard to think of many bands as consistent and dependable as Arizona natives Jimmy Eat World. Legends and primary breakthrough act of the emo scene, they have failed to put a step wrong in their long career and yet again have delivered with their most recent album, Integrity Blues.

Live Reviews

The Thin Air
Longitude 2016: Saturday

The sun ushers in a sold out audience to the second day of Longitude 2016. After a Friday that was on the verge of ruin due to an over aggressive, extremely young audience, Saturday seems to have drawn a much softer crowd and it's well needed.

The Thin Air
The 8 Best Sets at KnockanStockan 2018

KnockanStockan has long established itself as one of of Ireland's biggest small festivals and with a line up of amazing homegrown Irish talent from all genres and movements, it appears to have exceeded expectations. While the line-up is stellar and the festival is endlessly appealing in terms of appearance and size, Knockanstockan 2018 struggles with...

The Thin Air
Lisa Hannigan & Aaron Dessner @ Cork Opera House

It's a Friday night like no other of the year in Cork City when Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner take to the stage in Cork Opera House. Where the streets would normally be filled entirely with workers seeking their weekly escape from the monotony of paid employment in the corners of Cork's pubs and clubs,...

The Thin Air
Beyoncé @ Croke Park, Dublin

It's hard to grasp the cultural phenomenon that is Beyoncé in 2016. Although always an icon at the forefront of the pop industry, Beyonce, despite her many years in the public consciousness, has only truly established herself as one of the primary voices of this generation with her most recent album, Lemonade.


The Thin Air
Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives

It would be a hard push to find an electronic act in 2017 as dynamic and ever changing as Mount Kimbie. The London duo came to prominence through their perfecting of the highly popularised post-dubstep sound on their 2010 debut Crooks & Lovers. Further acclaim came then with their sophomore effort Cold Spring Fault Less Youth....

The Thin Air
Tiger Jaws - Charmer

It would have been all too easy to write off Tigers Jaw as a forgone conclusion. In March of last year, the Scranton, PA band announced they were going on a hiatus - with three-fifths of the five piece unable to continue to be part of the band.


the Guardian
Punk has a problem with women. Why?

Earlier this week, the BBC aired a Culture Show special Girls Will Be Girls about the "female punk spirit". Next week, Amy Oden's documentary From the Back of the Room - a celebration of women in punk - is screening in London.

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