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Sweaty Palms the Podcast
Treading the Open Waters... of an Open Relationship

There a comes a point in every relationship where the inevitable question is asked... Should we open this up to other people? For many, this might be a one-time occurrence - a little menage trois to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just to shake things up on a Tuesday.

Writtalin On Growing Up in the Worst City in America - Writtalin

If you were to Google the burgeoning metropolis of Bakersfield, California you would find it is known for many things. Aside from carrots and Buck Owens, Bakersfield has made quite a name for itself as having the worst air quality, the most illiterate citizens, and the place where lost phone calls (and hopes and dreams) go to die, due to terrible cellphone reception.

Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Casual Racism of the Third Kind

One of my third period students dropped this gem on me today. "It's only racist if you're offended." He said this right after another student said something that I like to call "casually racist." And I responded to this comment kinda jokingly, but also rather serious so they would know that I meant it, "Whoa....

Thought Catalog
What Guys Really Think Of Your High-Waisted Shorts

That was the title of the article. I saw it on Facebook and instantly clicked it because...I was sitting in my room, watching re-runs of Seinfeld, eating a bowl of the kind of cereal that makes you poop, wearing my tangerine high-waisted shorts, and suddenly...regretting all of my decisions.

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