Keith Kahn-Harris

Sociologist, freelance writer, editor

A sociologist by training, I am senior lecturer at Leo Baeck College, London, director of the European Jewish Research Archive at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and associate lecturer at Birkbeck College.

I've published widely, including four books (with a fifth one currently under contract). I have written non-academic articles and reviews for many years for a range of publications

This portfolio highlights some of the work I am most proud of, the diversity of my interests and my ability to write for a wide range of audiences.

United Kingdom



Notting Hill Editions

Denial: The Unspeakable Truth - Notting Hill Editions

The Holocaust never happened. The planet isn't warming. Vaccines cause autism. There is no such thing as AIDS. The Earth is flat. Kahn-Harris sets out not just to unpick...


David Paul Books | Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community

Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community by Keith Kahn-Harris "The relationship between Anglo-Jewry and Israel is perilous, complex terrain - and there are few...

Hodder Education

Judaism: All That Matters

For a group of people so limited in number, the Jewish community has had a huge impact on both global events and local politics. In this vibrant new look at Judaism, sociologist...

Bloomsbury Publishing

Turbulent Times

The first book-length study of contemporary British Jewry , Turbulent Times: The British Jewish Community Today examines the changing nature of the British Jewish community and...

Bloomsbury Publishing

Extreme Metal

Extreme metal--one step beyond heavy metal--can appear bizarre or terrifying to the uninitiated. Extreme metal musicians have developed an often impenetrable sound that teeters...

Essays, articles and opinion pieces

the Guardian

Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth

The long read: From vaccines to climate change to genocide, a new age of denialism is upon us. Why have we failed to understand it?


Searching for the real jews

If you walk past me in the street, if you find a picture of me online, what do you see? Some days you might see a middle-age man whose look tends towards hipsterdom, but without...


Listening to the devil's sounds

Last summer, the family in the house whose garden backs on to mine held a party for their son's 18th birthday party. In what is normally a quiet neighbourhood, the joyous sounds...


A crack in history? - a conversation between two recent UK Labour party recruits

Like many of the political events of recent years, the surge in support for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn at the UK general election was supposed to be 'impossible' until it happened.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Being Civil Doesn't Have to Mean Remaining Silent

Well over a year since the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign withdrew its job offer to Steven Salaita, citing intemperate tweets and statements he made about the 2014...


The politics of ME, ME, ME

The conflict in Gaza has dominated world headlines since the closing days of 2008. The war there is an exceptional event yet it also contains many elements of the familiar - in...

Times Higher Education

It's time to put the point back into the pen of scholarly writing

A few weeks ago I had a review of an edited book of middling quality published in a reasonably widely read academic journal. I actually submitted the review in 2008. The book...


Unreasonable doubt

It wasn't supposed to be like this. We were supposed to be living in a world in which the methodical, rational, scientific accretion of knowledge would lead us down a path to a...


Naming the movement

The early 21st century is marked by a profusion of initiatives that bring people together to discuss and explore big questions. It amounts to a great river of change - but to...

the Guardian

What it really means to be healthy

For the past 15 years, I have suffered from myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as ME or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). I contracted ME following a bout of glandular fever at...

Jewish issues and antisemitism

the Guardian

Why banning David Irving books from university libraries would achieve little | Keith Kahn-Harris

The effort to get the University of Manchester to remove David Irving's books from open display, now backed by Rowan Williams, reminded me of my own experiences browsing through...