Keith Griffith

Reporter | New York City

Interested in real people, big picture.


The End of the Internet
Will the Internet survive centralization, a Black Hat keynoter asks.
Feds' Plea for Encryption Backdoor Meets Resistance
Encryption is a threat to public safety, the Secretary of Homeland Security says.

Local Oddities

In the jumble of the pedway, can an amateur map fill in the blanks?
Turning Forclosures into Art Studios
A Chicago artist's mission to put vacant storefronts back into service.
What Happens to a Neighborhood When its Public School Closes
Residents in East Garfield Park brace for economic fallout from their shuttered schools.


Sole Rights
Nike is cutting sponsorship deals with public high schools. Guess who comes out on top.
Chicago Sky scores TV deal
WNBA team inks first long-term broadcast TV contract
Is CPS leaving broadcast money on the table?
CPS basketball teams played more nationally broadcast games than any other district this year. Why are other cities bringing in more from broadcast fees?

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