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Kathryn Weniger

Social Media and Email Marketing | Web Analytics | Copywriting and Proofreading

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Highly motivated and goal-oriented social media and editorial professional. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a comprehensive knowledge of social media best practices, content curation and creation. A people-person with an outstanding work ethic and a strong background in customer service.



2017 New Jersey Travel Guide

2017 New Jersey Travel Guide
Various Articles, listed in caption

I've edited most articles for clarity/accuracy in the Travel Guide. Specifically, I wrote the "10 Attractions Only in New Jersey" (page 30-31) article, as well as each of the Region headers, found on pages 32-33, 56-57, 67-68, 88-89, 102-103, and 118-119. Work on the Region headers included research, selecting, and writing copy for each of the places mentioned, as well as selecting the infographics found below the two-spread. I also worked on the "Go for a Thrill Ride!" (15), "A Taste of...

The Odyssey Online

Kesha: The Unpopular Opinion

Last weekend while driving back to school from my boyfriend's home in New York, I asked him for his thoughts on what was going on with Kesha. We often share our opinions on current events and our different-often opposite-opinions make for lively conversations.

Why Millennials Need To Vote

"My vote doesn't count." "Politicians are liars." "My government doesn't care about me." We've all heard someone say these things before. As someone who lives in New Jersey, I know exactly what it feels like. Presidential primaries are already decided before they get here. New Jersey will always vote blue in general elections.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Isn't A Feminist

Today, there are so many labels that people claim such as: "male," "female," "cisgender," "transgender," "straight," "gay," "millennial," "baby boomer." The list is endless. These labels oftentimes help people fit themselves into nice little boxes where they feel safe, surrounded by likeminded people. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years.

"Non-Greek" Greeks

I've always struggled with wanting to be more involved in college, but coming in as a freshman, when my dad said, "Hey, maybe you should check out Greek life," I answered him with a loud, resounding "N-O." But come sophomore year, the feeling had faded; only now I was too nervous to go out for sorority rush.

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