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Katya Wagstaff

Strategic Communications Student at the University of Utah

Location icon United States

Katya is an aspiring marketing and communications professional with a passion for writing and fine arts. To reach her professional goals, she is currently a content coordinator with Salt Lake County Arts and Culture and a student at the University of Utah. She also previously interned at Penna Powers agency on the content creation team and at the Utah Office of Tourism on the content team. When she isn’t busy with homework and side projects you’ll find her searching for good sushi and planning her next getaway.

Eccles Theater
RENT Fun Facts

Celebrate the different "seasons of love" with a group of artists in New York struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. On June 25 - 30 at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City, the award-winning musical Rent is coming on its 20th Anniversary Tour.

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Guardians of the Old Spanish Trail

Bob Leonard is a retired forest archaeologist and seasonal park ranger whose career started in Colorado along the Santa Fe Trail and ended in Utah along the Old Spanish Trail. He jokes that at the beginning of his career, being a park ranger was great because after two dateless years in graduate school, "[he] put that uniform on and was [suddenly] dating seven different women that summer."

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Step into an Artistic Vision at Pioneer Theatre Company

The columns of Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre slowly appear as you climb to its perch above downtown Salt Lake City. The theatre sits on the campus of the state's flagship university with metropolitan lights below and mountains behind that rise several thousand feet off the valley floor to provide a backdrop to the east and south.

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Discover an Outdoor Stage in Utah's Canyon of the Gods

The locations that first pop into your mind when you want to see theater are probably New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or London. There is no denying the strong theatrical presence in those metropolises. However, tucked within the red rock canyons of Southern Utah lives a theater that's well worth a visit: Tuacahn Amphitheatre.

Penna Powers
Engaging with the Consumer via Social Media - Penna Powers

In this age of social media, we can connect with friends on the other side of the planet in no time at all. Distance is no longer a hindrance, and yet, more people feel detached from society. Amidst the pros and cons of a digital world, brands must learn to adapt and connect in new ways.

Penna Powers
SEO Explained - Penna Powers

Google is the great, wise guru we all turn to for the answer to everything. Google amasses over 79 percent of desktop searches worldwide. This isn't breaking news-the world has relied on it for a number of years. For brands and agencies, this means SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essential.

Nevada Health Link - Official Website
Summer Injuries - Nevada Health Link - Official Website

From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are picnics, vacations and, unfortunately, a spike in emergency room visits. Although your essential health benefits cover emergency services, the ER isn't a place you want to become too familiar with. Therefore, we've gathered a list of common summer injuries and what you can do to prevent them wherever you go.

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